Serial Killers

They are amongst us.  They blend with us.  They may be your neighbors, landlords, pizza delivery boy, farmer and professionals or they may disguise as one of the layers or the police. They’re like chameleon that changes into one of those people that you are seeing everyday. They’re not going to be noticed because they are properly dressed, they don’t look harmful and in fact they talk to you nicely, but deep inside them is very much different from yours. Deep inside their thoughts are disturbing and gruesome. They have this urge or thirst to kill not just once but many times. They prey on the weak ones. They are the serial killers. How do their minds work? Can they even feel the pain when they’re torturing, strangling or raping their victims? How did they become and what triggered them to do such things?

There are early serial killers (specifically during the 15th century) such as the French Aristocrat Gilles who was the companion of Joan of Arc, where he murdered hundred of children and his reason was just for his own pleasure and physical delight and for no other reason. It’s also the same reason for some of the serial killers of the 20th century.

In order to know how these urges were created, why not look at their past and it’s always how they were brought up with those people around them. As most of the serial killers are from dysfunctional family, which means their parents are separated so they were brought up by either relatives or at the orphanage. They were sexually or physically abused, use of drugs and alcoholism. Others have diagnosed with some personality disorders such as bipolar, antisocial, psychosis and schizophrenia. Others tend to withdraw from the society because of their own failures such as inability to be social or socially accepted, and of course withdrawing from reality where they create their wild imagination.

Many of them are impossible to detect due to their quietness, like they are living normal lives. They are intelligent. They choose their victims and they kill them in a way that they want to be known as a serial killer. Some of them are the Zodiac killer, Hillside Stranglers and others. They do not feel sympathy or doesn’t know how to handle relationships, so they observe others. Then use this to trap their victims. Ted Bundy was one of them, where he uses cast on his arms to lure young girls and ask them to help him move stuff from his car. Whatever they do is like giving them strength or it’s all the about the power, they never had as they were growing up so they make this up by killing. It’s to gratify themselves that they are also capable of doing things, but not in a good way. They feel that they have the power and that’s what makes them feel good about themselves.