Why People Fail in Life

This is an opinion I have developed  from my observations and past experiences while dealing with foster children and people who come from unstable backgrounds.  People tend to use their past experiences as excuses that hold them back.  The way they were raised or the problems they acquired from an abusive upbringing, for instance; neglect, molestation, physical and even mental abuse. To them, and people around them, these are all very legitimate excuses not to try as hard as everyone else. When in reality, it is these people who in my opinion should be trying harder to succeed than everyone else. The chances that they have been given, the resources with which they have available to them, and their guidance, or lack there of, make it extremely difficult to succeed.  The lack of choices and resources are reasons people fail in life as well as to never have tried to accomplish ones goals or dreams.  No matter what it is you are trying to accomplish in life; as long as you are trying, you have not failed.  You can “die trying”, but you never really fail until you give up. 

Another reason people may “fail in life” is that there are so many different avenues to take in order to accomplish ones goals. Without the information of what these avenues are and how to get to them, or the knowledge to discover them, they often become overlooked. These people may keep trying the same avenue’s again and again, with different approaches, but still getting nowhere.   Eventually, without help and guidance, they too quit trying to accomplish their goals and dreams, settling for whatever comes along and thus becoming failures as well.  

Finally, a major reason people fail in life is due to poor decisions.  Poor decisions associated with drugs, money spending and personal influences.  When you surround yourself with people who have no desire to succeed, this becomes your personal influences and you tend to throw your desire to succeed right out the window as well.  Drugs are a very big reason for people to fail in life as well. Not just illegal drugs, but prescription drugs that have become an abused habit.  Without realizing it, people who are on drugs, slowly lose sight of their goals and dreams. They lose the ability and drive it takes to accomplish them.  They still talk about it, but in reality it becomes the farthest thing from their minds.  Thus they are destined to fail.  Some people do manage to realize this and get away from it before it is too late, they only throw half their lives away to drugs and still succeed, but this usually takes allot of outside influence and help that most don’t have available to them.