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Time is a relative concept, even biblically speaking. Let us think about this for a minute. God created the Heavens and the Earth in 7 days; however, my Bible does not have a time frame for how long that “day” was, just that day and night had past. If you read past Genesis you will also come across a passage that states that a day to God is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day. How long was that first day? Let us say for arguments sake that it was 24 hours. Then I say that God counted time in hours during creation but then excluded the rules of the passage of time for existence of man and woman in the Garden of Eden, right up until the consumption of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Then God invoked the history of man, and the passage of time was to be marked by seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, and millenniums. So, then is time not relative to even God? For the Ultimate Being, God, to be able to stop, speed up, slow down, or even end time, does that in itself not justify the argument that time is relative? Was man not created in God’s image? Then if we are meant to be replicas of God then would that not make time also relative to us?

Haven’t you ever been through an awful experience seemed to drag on for an eternity, but it only lasted a matter of minutes? When you get on the internet, doesn’t it seem that time just flies by and the next thing you know it is 5 o’clock and you haven’t started dinner yet? So, what makes time relative is the perception of time and will the many billions of people inhabiting the earth then there are many different perceptions of time. We even do different little things to try to control time. The ancient calendars of many civilizations were based on lunar cycles through the changing of the seasons, while our modern calendar is based on the earths cycles around the sun. So, perceptions have changed over the centuries on a global scale. Although other nations measure the passage of time in an absolute, we in America have decided to control the passage of time by instating the longest daylight savings time ever in recorded history, so that we get more hours of daylight in the evening. This also results in the sun coming up later in the morning. So, even the sun falls victim to the perception of time. I even know a woman that sets all of the clocks in her house ahead at different intervals, depending on how far ahead of schedule that she wants to be in certain rooms. That way she is never late for anything. She has fooled herself into believing that the time on each clock is the actual time and her very existence depends on that perception. It is kind of strange to be in a room @ 10 minutes after the hour and in an instance, just by walking through a door, move ahead in time by 5 minutes, kind of like a bad time travel experiment.

Time travel, that is another relative concept of time. The idea that you can cause a rift in the time line continuum to be able to travel into the past or slip into the future, is a relative idea because it has yet to be proven, although there are may stories about this concept. So far, about the closest we have come to time travel, is space travel. Ask an astronaut what their perception of time is while the are suspended weightless in a vacuum while the earth speeds by below changing from day to night? I would bet that it would be very different than your earth bound perception of time. Houston tells them when it is time to go to sleep and when to wake up, they have no perception of day and night, therefore their perception of time is suspended. It is as if they have traveled through time, to find a place that time doesn’t exist. Yet they run their duties on an earthly time frame, because we tell them to perceive it that way. At one time, it was perceived that man could not travel as fast as the speed of sound and we are now pushing the envelope to travel faster than the speed of light. If we can master that then we could drastically change space travel and be able to probe deeper into the universe than ever before.

When you look back through your memories, can you freeze or speed up time, depending on what you are remembering? We control time in our own minds and remember those things that are closest to us while we try to forget those nightmares that haunt us. We remember or forget things depending on their relevance to our lives. Certain things that happen in time can trigger memories from a past time. What you believe to be the truth in your mind can actually turn out to be a lie. Even the written word falls victim to the perception of time.

In the history books, Christopher Columbus discovered America while looking for a route to the east, by going west; and thus by doing so, proved that the world was round. This is what we are taught as children. The truth is that Christoper Columbus was merchant that found the West Indies and made multiple trips to trade in slaves. He would pay the elders of the village to bring him subservient men and women to take back to Europe. Also we are taught that Abraham Lincoln was the great liberator of the slaves, and a great president, that pursued equal rights for all men. What we weren’t taught was that the real motivation came from the south becoming too powerful and his original plan was to give every slave a hundred dollars and a boat ticket to Africa. Aren’t you glad that John Wilkes Booth assassinated him before he could carry out his mass removal plan? What is my point in the relevance of time with these little know facts of history? It is that even the perception of history can be changed over time to bend to suit ones needs. If electronic words were all that existed then could you not change history at any time to control the future by controlling the past? If you could erase the existence of any given person with a keystroke then would that not bend the perception of time to exclude information that could be potentially damaging or include information that would support your agenda? Would that not give you control over the past in order to bend the future to fulfill your own desires? It happened in the book “1984” by George Orwell.

Is time relative? I think that I have proven without a doubt that it is relative, and anyone that would argue any different is in denial and just plain stubborn. Although it can be argued by many on a physical existence in a physical world, that because they are real, then time itself is justifiably real. And I say to that, how do you know that you are not just in God’s dream or His video game? Do the Sims believe that they are real, while living in their virtual realities? Do you speak Sim? They are only electronic bits of information traveling on a beam of light, but we consist of water & carbon, with an electrical charge to give us life. Could you not be a Sim? I guess it is all relative to your perception.