Serbian Magnetic Boy Stuns Scientists

A seven-year old Serbian boy not only has a magnetic personality, he attracts metal objects to him…magnetically.

The good-natured boy named Bogdan has gained fame throughout the world for his amazing ability to attract a variety of objects to his body: spoons, knives, forks…and not just metal things. He also attracts porcelain plates, the family’s TV remote and—at one point in a video demonstrating Bogdan’s unbelievable ability—the interviewing reporter’s microphone.

The family seems to take it all in stride and claims their son has attracted objects to him like a magnet even when he was an infant. During the mind-boggling demonstration, to prove to the reporters that Bogdan just didn’t have some kind of sticky skin, a heavy skillet was placed against his bare chest.

The skillet stuck fast against him.

The plucky lad did not seem to be bothered by either the attention nor all the odds and ends sticking to his body. The more that stuck to him the bigger his smile. [Video: ]

The Serbian video found its way to the American cable channel MSNBC. One of the cable station’s reporters, Al Stirrett, observed that the Serbian youngster certainly seemed to have a unique ability.

During an interview with MailOnline, Stirrett revealed that the boy’s family did not give their last name in a possible bid to protect their underage son’s privacy. [ ]  

Bogdan, however, is not alone in his powers. During the 1960s Russian scientists tested a group of subjects displaying similar abilities.

As recently as August 2010, Brenda Allison from Holloway, North London, was found to have the power. She finds it more of a nuisance than a benefit.

Afflicted with too much of a “magnetic personality” for years, Allison complained that her body sets off car and burglar alarms, makes light bulbs explode and disrupts television signals.

All sorts of objects stick to her, but unlike Bogdan they must be metallic.

Allison told MailOnline: “People laugh when I put metal objects on my skin and they don’t fall off. But sometimes my condition can be extremely embarrassing. [ ]

“On one occasion I had a dreadful experience at the supermarket. When I reached the check-out the till machine started to misbehave and it was obvious I had caused it.

“The man on the checkout started shouting at me and accused me of putting a voodoo curse on his till.”

Like Allison, Bogdan must stay away from all electrical things. His family said the boy is forbidden from getting too near to computers or TV sets because his power automatically switches them off.

Others that have the weird power include Romanian Aurel Raileanu [ ].

During 2007 he became a media sensation. Like Allison and Bogdan his body attracted coins, cutlery and pans, but his power seemed magnitudes stronger. He amazed audiences and reporters with his ability to attract heavy irons and carry a 50-pound television set on his chest simply through the power of his magnetic attraction.

Here he is with a large wooden plank stuck to his chest. [ ]

People with strange magnetic powers have been reported and studied for hundreds of years. No research has ever been able to determine what causes the ability or how it works.

To someone with the power one very large headache comes with it: they can’t turn it off.