Is Time Real or Relative – Relative


I am genetically geared to age and within a period of time which is relative to the environment of reality which exists commonly and also subjectively, as well as metaphysically in an ongoing schemata which was pre-arranged by an Extra Intelligent Being, known among humans as God.

Real time is molecular and relative to signs of it, because the perception of time is the connection to common sense values, which if perception of such was not, would devalue human existance because the objective acceptance of time is the common denominator of existance in the daily equations of life.

If I lay on the sofa thinking of nothing in particular, allowing my mind rest, it will not effect the degeneration of my refrigerator, which is molecularly predisposed to degenerate. But if I lay on the sofa too long, then it will effect the common sense values of my life. Therefore, outside myself, time is relative and it is relative to the real time instilled in everything and everyone else.

Anticipation and expectation will effect my perception of time, so that 1 hour might seem like 15 minutes and how do you know that it isn’t? You have to look at a clock or a watch.

If I leave an apple on my porch, and provided some animal doesn’t eat it, it will rot. Not because of outward time, but because of inward time. Whether it takes 4 days or 2 weeks, will be dependant upon weather conditions as well as bacterial environment. I will not age significantly in those 4 days or 2 weeks, though I will age.

When I am asleep, I do not perceive time. It does not exist, except within the molecular structures of my body. For human beings, inner time is most real when asleep. How can something be real if it is not perceived? Sleep is the one thing which humanity does which requires a total loss of control, self and otherwise. 1 hour could be 15 minutes.

Uncivilized peoples who live in the jungles continue to age though they have no concept of time. They do not sit and consider distance with time, except by the signs of the sky or shadows which cast across the earth.

If time is real, it is only real to the Extra Intelligent Being and we only measure it to have some sort of civilization and organization which is important to living among many people. Being late is not considered a sin, because it isn’t. Being late is relative to what the clock says, not what your molecules are pre-fashioned to.

If I say you have 15 minutes to deliver a message and return, I have to look at a clock or watch to judge the time it took you, though I have a vague notion of what 15 minutes feels like, time is relative to my perception of it.