Relativity of Time – Relative

It is difficult to make this argument longer than it needs to be, and to clutter it with an unlimited amount on information would be a waste.

Like other individuals who believe that time is relative, I share in the idea that we created the notion of time. Think about what there is to back the idea of time, the clock, which would be incorrect; the answer would be the revolution of the earth around the sun, which would support the clock. The clock, our idea of time, which humans created. Now just imagine that humans did not exist, would time cease to exist? Not at all.

Now if you define time around the earth revolving around the sun, that each moment of its motion is a piece of the time continuum, then what about the planets that do not share the same pattern around the sun. If a planet moves slower around the sun, and therefore their daylight time is different, would we classify them as in the past? Would their time wrong?
Time is our creation; it does not exist naturally with this world. The definition of time is based on a formula that we have calculated. Humans are in fact the gods of time, so to speak, and we manipulate time based on the hours of light and dark each hemisphere of the earth maintains. Our time is relative to that concept alone. If we created a formula for the time of other planets it would vary from our time, their calendar would look different; we cannot compare it to ours at all. If we tried to apply the exact formula for hours of dark and light to another planet, we would find that they may have darkness when we believe there should be light.

How would one define time as real, would you say that it is real for earth alone? And what methods would you employ to properly prove time as real? When someone says that we define time by distinguishing events, is that not saying time is relative? Each event you are distinguishing is used as a base, when you compare another event to that base you are saying that the second event is as it is because it is relatively different that the first. Comparing time to our senses is saying that time is relative to our perception of events. These are not arguments supporting the reality of time, but further stating how time is relative.

This entire concept, is based solely on the idea that science rules, this does not factor in the views of religion. The fact that god may have created the labels for what we use as time, does not make time real, it is merely a label to track different moments, and to track and organize events.