Living alone

Life alone- to retreat from the world around you.
Lone- single; isolated; sole; unfrequented.
Loner- a person who avoids the company of others.
Lonely- being without companions.
Lonesome- dejected because of the lack of companionship.
Lose- to mislay; to fail to keep.
Loss- the suffering or damage used by losing; someone or something that is lost.
Lost- unable to find one’s way.

Sometimes people simply lose their way in life. The tragic loss of a loved one will make a person spin off into despair, I imagine it’s the number one cause of chronic depression. If one of your loved ones die suddenly it’s like a blow to the gut! You can’t catch your breath or heart for awhile. I guess everybody reacts a little differently, but the loss is felt just the same.
But be aware that tragedy can strike in many different ways. What about the spouse who deserts his/or her family? How many people are out there living their lives alone because somebody left them behind? Do you know someone who had their happiness completely shattered by an uncaring lover or spouse?
Try being compassionate brothers and sisters, don’t scoff at their pain. One of the most devastating things in this life is to be scorned by someone you love. If you’re human, it’s not easy to get over.
The worst though, the absolute worst is to be “forgotten” by those you love. That kills your heart. Sadly, I talk from experience. And let me tell you, when your children act like you don’t exist it hurts so muuuuuuch………! It’s a deep down in the bone pain, and it causes you so much agony it drives you crazy! When one parent bashes the other, and tries turning the kids against another parent, well… I think it’s wrong. (Unless the kids are being molested or abused somehow) I dearly love my children and wish I could be there with them.
My wife walked out on me thirteen years ago this fall, took our sons with her too.
Our daughter wanted to stay with her daddy, so her mother left her only girl behind with me. I raised my baby girl by myself for another eight years. I had no idea where my wife and sons were, and it wasn’t for lack of trying to find them either.
I’ve not been with another woman since 1994. No, I’m not gay, nor could I ever be with anyone but a woman. When my ex-wife took our daughter out of my life one week before her thirteenth birthday, I learned two things. One was the heartbreak of loneliness, and two was that I could never trust another woman. Think of me what you want, I just don’t care. That’s how I feel. People say I should forgive and forget. I just wish I could, life would be so much simpler.
Then the other night, out of the blue I get a phone call and it’s my daughter! Bitterness tried to well up in my heart, but I managed to fight that nasty beast down. My daughter tells me she’s sorry, that she’s always missed me. I realize my love for her is as strong as ever, I’ve missed her so much. Can we ever be the same? She’s a young woman now, my little girl’s gone. But now our love for each shines out bright and warm again, my daughter has come back into my life!It wonderful being daddy again.

Happy- enjoying contentment and well-being; glad; joyous; satisfied or pleased.
Happiness- a state of mind.
Happily- goes merrily along.
Love- intense affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.