How to let go of someone you Love

If you truely love someone, you can and will let them go but it won’t be from your heart, mind, thoughts or dreams. I’ve found that out the hard way. If your love needs time or has things to figure out and do. You’ll let go, if you love that person than the number one thing you care most about is thier happiness. If that person never returns, then you know they found happiness. It will hurt and break your heart but in the end your happy cause they found what they needed…wanted.
Maybe over time you won’t feel your love for that person as strongly, at least not up front. It seems to always be there, the trick is learning to live and continue with out being with the one you love.
I’ve been in love with someone for over a year and still haven’t been able to be with him. At first there was so much pain, so unbelievibly strong. Not only did I feel it in my heart but my chest ached. It felt like someone was crushing it, standing on my chest. There was a feeling that he was being ripped out of my heart…it took my breath away. Every place I went, everything I saw or heard reminded me of him. A picture of his beautiful face would pop up in my mind. Tears constantly fell. It was the most painful thing I have experienced and I’ve had two kids and several operations.
I had to remind myself that he was happy, he was doing something he needed to do and that helped a lot. I kept myself busy and removed everything from every day sight so I wouldn’t think of him…see him. I even went as far as to try to stop loving him, turn my love into anger, just to get him out of my heart…out of my thoughts. That only hurt me even more. I was so lost, I didn’t know how to move on. But then it came to me, I accepted the fact that I loved someone I couldn’t be with and that might not love me. I stopped fighting the feeling and went along with it. Yeah I kept his pictures out of sight but never threw them away. I kept busy until I went days without thinking of him all the time. It got to the point where my thoughts of him wouldn’t make me sad or cry but make me smile. There still will be moments that I cry for him but sometimes that helps.
I still love him, more than words can explain. I can still see him perfectly in my mind even though I lost his picture long ago. I still whisper my love to him when I go to sleep, even feel him next to me. I may have let him go but my heart and soul hasn’t and may not ever but thats ok.
You can take down all of that persons pictures or anything that reminds you of your love but you will still see them, think of them and love them. There is no “how” to letting your love go. It’s not something you can make happen, it’s not something you can force or even have a choice in the matter. Love will leave you when it’s ready to but you have to accept it either way, just to continue. Love is intense, deep, something that can’t be taken or given lightly and can’t be turned off. How do you let go of love? Don’t try to make it leave, accept it and live. Your heart will do the rest in time.