Law of Attraction the Secret Manifestation Happiness

Scientists had long thought that the atom was the smallest particle there was. It is what we have all been brought up believing. It’s not that they were lying to us all, it is just that at that time that was the best of their knowledge with the equipment that they had. It has now been found that smaller than the atom is the electron, which essentially is a particle that is a vibration.

We, and everything else on the planet, are a vibration. Everything appears to be its own shape and form because we vibrate on different levels. Now, with that said, each person sends out vibrations through thought patterns. We are all also receivers for these thought patterns as well as transmitters. When a thought is sent out, it effects the universe and other electrons in it. This is where the law of attraction comes into play.

The law of attraction is just that – a natural law. It is just as valid as the law of gravity. Like attracts like. So, if you think a positive thought you are attracting positive into your life. reverse if you think a negative thought, you are attracting negative vibrations. Your life has been totally engineered by your thoughts and your brain. AHH! scary huh? How could I have thought myself in to this predicament!? you think to yourself. Don’t be scared. Be exhilarated.

Once you know and understand that you are in control of your life, who can stop you? I had read The Secret and found it very interesting, in fact there were a few very high stress situations where I purposefully applied the law of attraction by thinking about what I wanted over and over and over, chanting mantras in my head until I could barely take it any longer. And it worked and in a pretty small span of a few months. But what i have stumbled across, no let me rephrase that. What I have attracted into my life is a gift given to me of the new CD set by Kevin Trudeau “Your wish is your command” on how to manifest the life you want. It gives you the entire map of how to work the law of attraction rather than the Secret where it just defined what the law of attraction was. Before you can have the life you want, you have to be thinking correctly. In order to do that you have to get the way you are feeling in line as well. I highly recommend the CD set to really anyone who wants to have a better more positive fulfilling life. I have been listening to it now for a few weeks and can measurably tell a difference in my thoughts. 

Obviously I can’t give you every trick in this article, it’s a 12 CD set and takes some time to listen to. But I will give you the main point. Rather than thinking “I want a new car” “I want a better job”, focus on how you would feel when you got that new car or when you land the new job. What is at the heart of what you really want? Money? Status? Wrong. You want to FEEL GOOD. Your primary focus of thought should be “I want to feel good now” and better “I want to feel good now, and better all the time”. Take a big deep breath and let it out. Repeat a few times. Think this phrase as often as you can. It is working for me and I’m sure will help you as well.

Our brains are so very powerful. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you are never powerless. You are the creator of this life, the author of your existance. Grab that pen and take control. What do you want? Go for it!