What is the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics is branch of science that was made popular through the book and movie The Secret. Most people mistake it for Karma, but indeed it is not the same thing. Let us look at understanding what Quantum Physics is and how it relates to the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction says that what you think about will be what comes about, whether good or bad. For example, if you are about to go out on a date and spend all the time beforehand thinking about what could go wrong, and dreading those things, chances are the universe will see this as a wish and fulfill it by causing some calamities on your date. If, on the other hand, you think positive things, you send a good vibrations out and are rewarded with a positive experience on your date.

The word Quantum is a Latin term meaning how much or how great. With physics being our understanding of how things relate to one another on an infinite level. However, in Quantum Physics we are dealing with units of undetectable energy, known as Quanta.

There are five basic points that fall under this theory.

1. Energy is non-continuous.

2. Elementary particles behave like particles and waves.

3. The movement of said particles is naturally random.

4. It is impossible to know the position and momentum of a particle at any given time.

5. The atomic world is nothing like the world we live in.

At this stage to go further into it would only serve to confuse people. Suffice it to say that in the 20th century it was discovered that the physical laws which govern our own world do not govern the world of particles at the atomic level. To this extent it was determined that Quanta matter can move from place to place without traveling between the two places. A particle can be in one place at one moment in time, and instantly be in another, even on the other side of the world, or galaxy, in an instant. While all this is more than most people can understand it brings forth the Law of Attraction.

As we covered earlier, the Law of Attraction is an action whereby what you think about has a very real probability of coming true, be it good or bad. When things happen it may not be simple coincidence. It may be that an individuals thought patterns put out the Quanta energy particles into existence that worked to create a reality.

We have all had that moment where we spend time thinking about the possibility of an event occurring, either good or bad, the event occurs and we catch ourselves saying I knew that was going to happen!. Indeed we created it into happening through our thoughts. A good example of this is when we think of a person innocently enough and the phone rings, and it happens to be the individual we were thinking of.

Different people are more in tune with their abilities to create realities and have used the Laws of Attraction to bring them rewarding lives. Here are three tips for you to use should you wish to use the Laws of Attraction and Quantum Physics into your life.

1. Avoid thinking of negatives. The universe does not understand negatives so when you think I don’t want to crash my car it puts out energy to crash the car. Rather a person needs to think I want to drive safe..

2. Imagine the reality of having what you want. Cut out pictures of the car you desire or of the tourist destination you want to visit, imagine yourself in that car, or place.

3. Take opportunities as they present themselves. The universe is not going to have you open your garage to find a new car in it, but it may unfold financial opportunities for you to get the new car, you must act on those accordingly. As such if you desire a new car, the universe may grant you with a better paying job.

Understanding the physics behind it all is not nearly as important as being able to use the Laws of Attraction to bring happiness into our lives. For most of us this means a change in our current thought patterns. Once a person has learned how to use this technique they merely have to ask and it is given.