Quantum Physics is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible – No

Where is Einstein when you want him? I had to look up the meaning of Quantum Physics because I’m no Einstein. Quantum Physics is a set of theories developed in the twentieth century to describe the infinitely small (atoms and particles),as well as certain properties of electromagnetic radiation. Its laws often radically contradict the traditional laws of Physics.For instance it is impossible to simultaneously determine the position and speed of a particle with certainty.

Having just said that I must confess I really am none the wiser and haven’t got a clue of what on Earth or Space for that matter, is Quantum Physics. Perhaps Einstein could enlighten me further. If he was to express himself in layman’s terms I might be able to elaborate further for the benefit of those of you like myself, who don’t share the same level of intellect as the person who proposed the title for this article. Too bad Einstein is dead. I really should not write any further as I am completely out of my depth. Too bad. Like a brook I like to babble.

The level of intelligence and intellect of some of the contributors to articles such as those that appear on internet channels such as Helium never cease to amaze me. You can expect to find articles like this on such diverse titles from Quantum Physics to proof positive of “the Big Bang Theory” as fact not theory. Personally I like to keep things as simple as possible to appeal to as to as many people as possible .I would have preferred to speculate if the title was “Is time travel theoretically feasible?” and leave the professors amongst us to expound on Quantum Physics. For instance if it is not possible to determine the position and speed of a particle with certainty then how would you know where in time you moved to if you did have a time machine? H.G. Wells didn’t bother with explanations. He just wrote his story.

Actually feasible can mean something that is capable of being achieved (ie possible) or something that is reasonable enough to be believed (ie plausible.)

I would have to say that it is my firm belief that time travel is not possible. Advocates of the belief that time travel is possible would insist that it only a matter of time before the secret of turning lead into gold becomes commonplace.

However I would have to say that time travel can well and truly be made plausible. Anyone who has read “The Time Machine” by H G Wells could well be excused for believing time travel
may well be possible.

In any case as I have already explained the whole question of Quantum Physics is beyond my comprehension however I do have an open mind and perhaps time travel is feasible. Even George Washington in his day could not possibly know if time travel was possible.

If anyone asked George of myself if time travel was feasible both of us could not tell a lie and would answer in the negative. If we were asked did we have a clue about Quantum Physics you would also get a negative answer. However it would be interesting though to read an article written by George on Helium about time travel if he had been telling a fib. I shall be watching number one position very closely.