Quantum Physics is Time Travel Theoretically Feasible – Yes

The Time Barrier

Will it be feasible one day, to be able to travel back in time? Will we, one day, break the time barrier and create one of the greatest inventions that will ever be achieved by Mankind? To be able to travel back, or indeed forward in time has, up to now, been the stuff of dreams, films and books. Indeed, H.G.Wells, The Time Machine, delved deeply into this subject. Written in 1865, H.G. Wells’ story about a turn of the century scientist {19th Century} who travels into the distant future expecting to find a race of people who are technologically superior, caught the imagination of people everywhere who read it. Indeed a whole plethora of stories followed, based on Time Travel.

Of course, back in the distant past, writers and indeed the general public did not know at all about the feasibility and sheer improbability of such a thing. They did not know about ‘wormholes’ black holes, ‘protons’, ‘quantum physics’ and such things. Indeed, creating a time machine would have been just another great achievement in the many great achievements of Victorian England, and there were some Victorian scientists who actually believed that Time Travel could be achieved.

When Will Time Travel Become Reality?

Time Travel will only become reality when we can break the barrier of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. At this present moment in time, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity proves mathematically that Time Travel to the past is impossible. Indeed, recent experiments have shown that with the slowing down of light waves and also returning those same light waves to normal speed could this process hold any theoretical clues to the breaking of the Time Travel barrier?

The controlling and experimentation of light speed could hold the key to Time Travel. All it will take is for somebody to be able to harness the energy that slowing light speed down will produce. Again, one has to look at Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and study it. Einstein describes how Matter warps space and time, and indeed it is feasible, and possible, to create a path { a sort of Time Travel path} that has warped and distorted the space time we live in now.

All Matter on this Earth distorts space, and also distorts time too. This is proven by the hands of a watch within Earth’s gravitational pull – or gravitational field. The hands run slower than they would do if they where in outer space. If one could get an object the size of the universe and make it spin, one would then able to twist Time and Space, so-to-speak, within a ring. This shows us that time and space is not as straightforward as moving from ‘A’ to ‘B’. No, there is a curvature there, Time and Space actually curves, which means eventually that the past catches up with the future {ever heard of the saying about history repeating itself}?

The meeting of the Future with the meeting of the Past can happen simply because Time and Space curves, it is one big circle that keeps on repeating during anytime along the curvature line. Of course, no one could do this, rotate the universe, and the energy needed to be able to do such a thing is beyond our intelligence. But what if one does not need ‘Mass’? Instead, what if one could create the same thing by using light? If one could cause light to bend, then would it not be reasonable to assume that the bending of light would cause a vortex in space, within its own circle? For example, when laser light is bent it creates and causes space to twist around { which would be something like a whirlwind on earth}.

Now if, for instance, somebody added a second laser light into the circle, that would gleam in the direction opposite to the first laser light, {and also increase the intensity of the light enough} this means that one could warp time, into a sort of loop. Again the problem with this is the energy levels required to achieve this would be impossible to reach. But, what if one looked at the speed of light again, it seems that the slower that the light travels, the more space and time is distorted. Therefore the energy needed to be able to achieve our goals is there before our eyes. The slower light moves the more energy light produces. Time Travel would then become – instead of impossible – it would become, feasible.

Research is actually being done on this as I write this article, and in fact, back in 1999, light was slowed down to such an extent in an experiment {38 miles an hour} by Lene Hua and his team of scientists at the Rowland Institute for Science, that another Cold Atom scientist – Ronald Mallet and his team – plan on using this in stages. This they will do by trapping a particle within a circle of light, then they will shine – or introduce another light beam and observe what will happen. In theory this should result in at least some evidence of Time Travel, but who knows what will happen? One thing is for sure though, that if they should succeed, then the Human Race could be standing on the cusp of the greatest advancement yet in our work to break the Time Barrier.

One interesting thing to note about the Large Hadron Collider, is that the recent experiments could have indeed caused a ‘rip’ within the atmosphere of Earth. This could result in wormholes being created thereby forming the conditions needed for at least some form of limited Time Travel. The results of the experiements with the Collider have yet to be known, and may not be known for three years at least, but if wormholes are formed it will be the first time in human history that a ‘Time Machine’ would have been created by human hands. Whether this would be a good or bad thing…only time will tell. What do you think?