What to Expect during Sinus Surgery Recovery

Sinus surgery recovery takes about a week to ten days. This week of suffering is well worth the time to be spent living beyond recovery, with much less sinus trouble. Recovery is simple and can easily be spent in bed. Catching up on rest will decrease stress and allow for a healthy recovery.

The first week after sinus surgery, get a lot of rest. Limit movement and use ice packs to reduce any swelling. Elevate your head with extra pillows to aid in swell reduction. Be sure to take any medications prescribed by the physician or surgeon.

Typically during sinus surgery recovery doctors prescribe an antibiotic to prevent infection. Monitor your symptoms as your recovery progresses. Should you experience unusual bowel movements or strange symptoms call your doctor. It could be that a change is required in treatment.

The doctor will prescribe pain medication based upon various needs. Be sure to avoid any drugs the doctor says to keep away from as they may hinder recovery time. The surgeon will provide instructions for gauze care. Should gauze become saturated in blood, it should be changed. Otherwise leave the gauze, as it is when set when leaving the hospital. 

Take care not to blow your nose for the next seven to ten days until the nose empties itself. There will be some packing that comes out and possible drainage; however, heavy bleeding will not occur. If it starts to bleed profusely seek medical attention.

If need be, the doctor may assist with packing removal at follow up appointments. Typically, physicians schedule a follow up visit after sinus surgery recovery. The doctor will likely recommend saline nasal sprays for recovery. Such sprays do not have medicine; they moisten and cleanse nasal passages.

The doctor will limit activities by keeping you home from school or work. Substantial lifting may strain you and extend healing time from sinus surgery. Take care in the days of recovery not to overextend yourself physically.

Expect to rest during sinus surgery recovery. When your appetite returns enjoy light meals. Keep from indulging in hot beverages the first few days after sinus surgery. Such extreme temperatures may create more pain.

Sinus surgery recovery is simple compared to other more serious surgeries such as open-heart procedures or chemotherapy. Take care to follow all of the doctor’s instructions and to avoid blowing your nose. Make your follow up and discuss your experience. Relax and enjoy your sinuses post sinus surgery.