If and why we Fear Death

Who knows the feeling of dying? who can tell what would happen after death? No one can give an answer. Even those scientists who study the topic of humans’ death still can’t give a clear picture. Just this uncertainty of death makes us scared.
There are two situations when humans feel scared. One is when we are sure something bad would happen to us, and the other is when we have no idea about what would come to us. To most of us, death just belongs to the latter one, and others who fear death may because they have done something wrong and don’t wanna go to hell. you know, hell is a so horrible place in our old stories.
Some persons claim they never have any fear to death. Maybe they are sure that they would go to heaven after death. But who can be sure about what would happen after death? That’s just a religion or belief. A person may always behave correctly in his whole life, but here the “correctly” is just a word in his own dictionary. Still don’t talk about whether or not there is heaven or hell. Do you know how God judges what you have done in your life? I’d rather believe there is heaven and hell because it may make me feel better, at least we have a hope to go to heaven, and have an impulse to encourage us to behave in the correct way.
Humans always try to chase beautiful things,and may feel satisfactory if possessing something they desire. But after death, we would lose all of this, not only the family, but also what we have got with a whole life’ effort. Even worse, we still don’t know what would come to us after death. May be a sentence from God, may be just nothing, an unconscious state or a happiest feeling, even only an transformation of energy. but who knows? We can talk about death when we are still alive, but after death, no one would like to talk with you about the feeling of death. Our fear comes from an worry that we could not get used to the life after death.
There are so many uncertainties, so many unknowns about death, and we human beings usually don’t wanna deal with an uncertain issue. So, fear comes.
After the movie ” Event Horizon”, I’d rather believe there is heaven and hell. Maybe I have done something wrong in the past years, but I would never repeat it. Wish my effort can give me a satisfactory life after death.