If and why we Fear Death

What if you didn’t wake up in the morning? What would happen? The truth is you don’t really know, do you? This is why we fear death.

What would happen to our souls? The most religious individuals, or those with the most faith, will declare that their souls will rise above to the heavens and they will face their judge at the pearly gates. They will repent for their sins, touch the face of God and spread their wings and fly with the angels in the kingdom of heaven…amen.

That sounds nice and I hope it happens, but what if it doesn’t? Then what will happen? Will I be cast down to burn in hell and writhe in pain for all eternity? This doesn’t sound very pleasant at all. Nope, I’m not liking that one.

What if I were made to wander aimlessly through a great dark void for all time only to poke my head through bathroom mirrors and play ghostly tricks on the people I never really liked…that might not be so bad, but what if it doesn’t happen?

What would happen to my family? Would my husband remarry? Would she be kind to my children? Would I be replaced? What would happen to the entire spring wardrobe I just bought last week? Would my sister and her ex-con boyfriend take all of my inheritance? Would they trade in my Volvo for a Mustang? Would there be a lot of people at my funeral? Would my co-workers chatter over Margaritas as they cleaned out my desk?

The answers to these questions, I do not know.

My friends, this is exactly why we fear death.