Why we Fear Death

When it comes to death people have so many beliefs about what happens after we die that it is hard to say what will really happen. So when we think of being afraid of death we are even more afraid of what happens, if any thing, to us in the afterlife. That’s why people with religion may not be so afraid of death or what happens to them. Mainly for the reason that they already know depending on what they believe something happens to their souls or bodies when they die if they fulfill the will of their god.

There is also a fear of the way you will die, and how unexpected some things can be. We take the biggest risk in our lives getting into a car everyday, even though we try to prevent the accidents that do happen, you can not stop the inevitable. You could be sitting at a gas station and all the sudden a gun fight breaks out and your shot in a cross fire. Which in all reality leads back to the point of not knowing, we do not know how it will happen, when, where, or even what will happen after we are dead.

This big factor of not knowing something about us or our lives bothers us because it’s something we may not always have control over. If someone is terribly deathly afraid of death then a way to cope would maybe be to do things that can not harm you or cause death to come sooner. I do not say this to offend any one out there but when it comes to people that have religion I believe they have the best coping mechanism of all.

I am not trying to say that, that is what religion is either but I am saying they most the time do not have that fear because they know what is going to happen when they die. Those without are scared because they do not know, if religion turns to be true then will they burn for eternity because they did not believe. Religion in my opinion is scary enough on it’s own with all the possibilities there are that go along with it. The only thing that makes me suspicious is all the different kinds of religion out there. Altogether though people fear death mainly because death is the one thing you can not predict, but can do everything to try to prevent it.