Fear of Death

Death may appear to be a scary, ugly, dark word. But is it really? In some cases no, in others yes. You see, when a sick person passes away, we say, atleast now they are not suffering, in this case it wasn’t a bad thing at all. When someone unexpectedly dies, we say, it is a tragic event, and we are terrified.

What is beyond this life that you and I are in? Noone can tell us. Either we accept that or we don’t. In all reality it just comes down to that. To be afraid or not to be afraid. I believe that the mind is not capable of processing the thought of not thinking. Which is what happens when you die. Everything stops from your heart to your brain. It all stops. We on the other hand can’t imagine this because it is impossible to stop thinking for even a second. Go ahead and try… What happens, you think about not thinking and then most likely move onto something else to think about. Even when you sleep you are still processing thoughts, hence those weird dreams you have.

Religion is a way some people deal with the thought of death. They believe that there is somewhere the soul and spirit will go when the body dies. I myself am a believer in this as well. Those that do not have a religion may still believe that something is going to happen to them once they die. To some religion is a way of life, to others it is just a way to cope.

Someone may be afraid, not for themselves but for their family and loved ones. Others may be concerned of their personal belongings. They can’t know what will happen if they are not here to watch over them. Both reasons are why there is a concern for a will. Someone may leave behind money and their possessions to the ones they love.

All in all, if you do have a fear of death, chances are it might hold you back in life. You need to embrace the idea that you are going to die, so take care of what needs to be taken care of while you are here and have the chance.