If and why we Fear Death

There are few people that I have met who do not fear death. We all love life, and do not wish to die. This is natural. We fear death, because we do not know what really happens after you die.

The Christian view of death, if we accept it as fact, is incredibly frightening! If this view is true, then we had better have a deep fear of death. If this view is untrue, then there really is nothing to fear in dying. This is why the Samurai Warriors could embrace death so bravely. They did not believe the Christian concept of heaven and hell. If we cease to exist in the spiritual realm after death, then what is there to fear? However we have evidence to the contrary. Not just from scripture,and other religious sources, but also from the many documented accounts of hauntings, demonic activity, and near death experiences.

The Science Channel has a new series entitled “Hauntings”. I encourage everyone to view this amazing series. The series features documented, true life accounts of people battling unseen forces. In nearly every case these terrified people are driven from their homes. This series alone proves the existence of another world, another realty that surrounds us. If there is a spirit world, then there is life after death. There must be! We had better make sure we discover all we can about this world before we go there. There is to much at stake to end up in the wrong part of that world.

Most of the people I know, do believe that hell exists. Jesus told us that hell exists. I believe him. I have even spoken to people who told me that they were shown what hell looks like. It was quite frightening just to listen to them. We should have no fear of heaven at all, but if we are wrong about the spirit world, we have much to fear when we die. If Christ, Paul, Peter and others were wrong, then we have nothing to fear at all when we die. We cease to exist!

Most people also fear the process of dying. I would prefer to die in my sleep, then to be stabbed to death or die in a fire. Unfortunately we do not have a choice about how we die, and this also is quite frightening. We can only hope that we experience a peaceful, easy death, and find ourselves in a wonderful place of joy, happiness and inexpressible beauty.