If and why we Fear Death

People’s fear of death could be due to several factors. One could be the manner of death itself. Definitely we do not know how, when and where we are going to die but one thing’s for sure is that we know death is inevitable to every life on Earth. We often hear or read stories of people being murdered or killed in accidents and sometimes it does cross our mind whether have these people been killed intentionally or otherwise. Then again, wat of those who died in natural catastrophes such as the tsunami and hurricanes? Considering the fact that the natural calamities are more rampant now, the fear of death is lurking around us all the time.

When we speak of death, meeting our Creator in the afterlife comes to mind. It is amazing as we marvel at God’s creation of this universe, the interdependence of the solar and eco systems and most importantly, the existence of human as administrators of this world. Much as we continue to be amazed at how intricately He has created each and everyone of us, we have yet to overcome all temptations in order to be His obedient children. Also, despite the number of times we have erred, He still forgives and gives us chances to repent. This fear, coupled with embarrassment of meeting with the Almighty is another factor as to why we fear death.

For most of us who believe in faith and destiny, we acknowledge that retribution lies ahead of us as we exhale our last breath. Just like the saying what goes around comes around, retribution takes on the concept of goodness begets goodness and vice versa. Hence, as most of us do a reflection of our lives, we could somehow gauge the kind of life we have been leading and the fear of getting the taste of the dessert just sets in as we think of death.

Finally, we tend to associate death with two places – Heaven and Hell. Much as we pray that we would go to heaven, we never know if there could be a tiny or unconscious mistake that we have ever done which could land us in hell! We have read and learnt about the two places and we know what both places offers. This is another fear that often grips us as we are constantly being reminded of the things that we do as we continue to live right to our last breath.