If and why we Fear Death

We as humans normally fear death. Death is the unknown and we tend to fear the unknown. The unknown is simply Unknown and this gives rise to feelings of vulnerability. When we begin to feel vulnerable a whole cascade of emotions follow suit. Fear is induced and we begin to become defensive as if there were a threat, in this case there is a threat, to a degree.

Death as far as I can tell, the end of what is happening right now, individually. No one alive knows and even arguable has the ability To know what happens at the point of departure. There is a moment when every single living creature dies. This is uncharted, most likely unmappable territory.

We have the drive to explore for many reasons. Some for prosperity and freedom, other reasons for conquering the fear unknown strikes in us. The fact is, it does not matter how intelligent, healthy, or attractive one is, death happens to us all. It is all inclusive and indiscriminate.

One may fear death because of their possessions. For their entire life have they worked hard to acquire the things they’ve bled for. At the end, they cannot take any of this hard earned stuff and that can be frustrating. Possessions tend to give a sense of comfort and security to those who have them; that all goes out the window when death approaches.

Others may feel they have no fulfilled their lives purpose and done enough. In a state of guilt and remorse, they may fear the repercussions of a life misspent. Along Christians lines of thinking, an authoritarian God will condemn and cast out of the long desired kingdom of heaven.

Death to many is the final scene of life. This is the end of the line, end of the story and that’s that. With this mind set, I think it would be easier to accept the inevitability of death. If death is certain, why fear it? It’s like worrying, its gets one absolutely no-where, a vicious circle, yet we continue to worry.

In conclusion, I think the largest factor in fearing death is simply the unknown. There are millions of theories and concepts, speculations and philosophies that attempt to know the unknowable, and in my humble opinion, I don’t think the reality of death or what is after death can be known; atleast until it happens- then who knows!