How to Make Fake Snow

Fake snow is used in the movies, in other forms of entertainment, or just as decoration at home. There are different ways to produce it, depending on  the consistency you want, and the effect you want to create.

People living in snow-deprived areas have come up with numerous ways to create snow even though nature won’t.

Of course the obvious solution is to rent a snow machine, that cranks out abundant icy white crystals resembling the real thing. There are also packaged snow kits with crystals or flakes that can be activated with water.

People have also used mashed potato flakes, soap flakes, and, even cut up paper and white plastic bags to simulate snow. The potato flakes, however, can attract unwanted guests in the form of bugs and animals. And, depending on where you want your snow to fall, the paper and plastic could be considered an environmental problem.

Shaved Styrofoam scattered over the tree is another suggestion, as well as spackle, which will harden into realistic looking snow when applied to craft projects that are permanent.

Sodium polyacrylate is a substance found in disposable baby diapers, and, believe it or not, in the garden center. This fluffy substance can actually hold 2 or 3 hundred times it’s own weight in liquid. This is a nontoxic substance that you can mix with water to create more or less realistic looking snow to make snowballs with or just toss around for a wintry effect under the tree or on the porch.

There are other ways to make fake snow, and which ones you use depend on what you are planning to do with it.

One recipe calls for sugar, talcum powder and glue. With about ½ cup of sugar and ½ cup of talcum powder you can create the appearance of snow for on Christmas trees, packages, and wreaths. Actually, this technique will work with any white substance. Spread some all purpose craft glue on the object, or use a spray glue, and sprinkle the fake snow on the glue.

Another recipe calls for soap flakes, which, although not used much these days, can still be found in most stores. This formula is mostly used to coat the tips of the branches of artificial trees for that natural woodsy look. Mix about 1 or 2 cups of soap flakes with about 2/3 cup of liquid starch and mix,  to get the right consistency. Add some glitter for sparkle, and apply it to your wreaths or tree.