Fake Snow Making

Not all of us are blessed with wintry scenery where snow is piled high on the ground and you may never be able to make enough snow to cover the outside but inside is a different matter. If you find yourself living in a part of the world that is to hot for snow there are many ways to create your own and unlike the real stuff it won’t melt.  Here are some tried and true recipes for making fake snow.


Polymer is a non-toxic substance that can be used in making fake snow. This is a porous substance that is used for gardening and can be found at your local hardware or gardening store. It looks like the real thing and even has the texture of snow. You may have polymer around your home that you can incorporate in your quest for making snow. For sure you will find it in your baby’s diaper. This is what they use inside to make the diaper absorbent.

To make snow from polymer all you need is water. Mix the substance until it looks like a gel. This substance is very absorbent so pour enough water into it until you have reached the texture you desire. Add as much water as you want polymer will not dissolve.

Sugar and talcum powder

Depending on what you want to use your snow for, here is another recipe that will produce snow. This snow is only meant for scenery and can’t be used as the falling snow. Mix together a half a cup of sugar, a half a cup of talcum powder and have some type of glue handy. Mix the sugar and talcum powder well.  Place the glue on whatever surface you need to cover and sprinkle the mixture over the glue. Give this plenty of time to dry. The more sugar you use the more sparkle you will have in your snow.

Soap flakes and starch

If you are looking for snow to decorate your Christmas tree you can make this decoration very easily by combining two cups of soap flakes, Ivory Snow boxed baby detergent works very well for this project. You will also need two thirds cup of liquid starch, some blue food coloring (optional), some glitter (optional) and three tablespoons of water. Combine the starch and the flakes of soap in a large bowl.

Start beating this with an egg beater while you slowly add your water. You will notice the more you beat the mixture the thicker it will get. You can now add your food coloring if you want a nice ice look to your snow. This is also the time to mix in any glitter that you will need. Your snow is finished and all you need now is a soft paint brush to brush it on the tips of your Christmas tree. This also works well if a snow scene is required in a school play.

Mashed potato flakes

Mashed potato flakes work very well if you need your snow to fall from any height. They look very real. These work very well if you have a school concert that requires falling snow. A word of warning is to make sure all the surface that the flakes are falling on is kept completely dry. If not you could end up with a bigger mess than you anticipated. If you want realistic snowballs add a little water to the mashed potato and form it into a ball. Keep in mind that these are just for show not for throwing.

Other ideas for snow

With some creativity there are many ways to make fake snow such as shredding white plastic or some white paper. This will give a great illusion of falling snow and also looks very real lying on the ground. Of course, if you do not have a shredder you can use scissors to cut your plastic or paper. You can buy a tub of spackle at your local hardware store. This can be used in places that require sceneries of snow. Mix it with a little water and spread it over the project. For an added effect incorporate some blue acrylic paint in some areas to give it depth. For sparkle all you need to add is a little table salt or sugar.

Regardless of where you live you can certainly have the illusion of snow. There are so many ways of making this happen.  It takes on a life all its own when you decorate and can be the focal point of any room during the holidays. Creativity combined with some of these ideas is all you really need to make fake snow.