How is Fake Snow Made

Fake snow has been around for some time, used for sporting events where nature hasn’t been cooperative, in the movies, and even for decorating at home. It has also been created out of various materials, but basically the snow that comes from the big snow machines that replenish ski slopes is made from water, just as it is in nature. Homemade snow is made from any number of materials.

For large applications, where a lot of snow is needed, such as for sports like skiing, the weather doesn’t always provide enough material on its own. Machines were created to do the job. Using super cooled water, under high pressure, that is pumped through nucleating material, the end result is an endless supply of man made snow made from water droplets that have crystallized. Snow machines can actually be rented to produce the same effect on a smaller scale at home, or pre packaged snow making kits can be purchased that contain flakes or crystals that are activated with water.

Obviously, snow that is to be used for creative decorating in the interior of the home, cannot be made from water turned into ice crystals. At home, people who want the effect of the real thing have used everything from mashed potato flakes, to soap flakes, cut up white plastic, and even paper in attempts to simulate snow for embellishing holiday decorations, frosting Christmas trees and wreaths, and highlighting centerpieces. Of course, where you intend to use the artificial snow pretty much determines what you make it from. Some ingredients can be extremely messy, or even an environmental concern.

One substance used for homemade snow is sodium polyacrylate, a super absorbent substance, commonly found in disposable diapers. This can also be found in garden centers. The benefits of this substance is that is does hold over twice its weight in water, and when mixed with water, more or less resembles snow. It even has the capability of being able to be made into snowballs, and can be used for decorating outside.

For a less fluffy version of snow, that is used to decorate trees or Christmas packages, people have used talcum powder and glue, or soap flakes and starch.

People have been creating snow for some time, and there are any number of ingredients that have been used. When nature hasn’t provided, or people live in areas that are snow deprived, there are definitely ways to create that fluffy white material that people love.