How to let go of someone you Love

You should never strive to rid yourself of the one you love; for if you love them there must be at least one upbeat trait that leaves you clinging even if this trait is fuelled by your insecurities which developed as your subconscious strived meticulously to instil doubt and worthlessness in the deep filaments of your mind (in an attempt to justify your continued desire for what could possibly be a piece of scum).

What you should be striving to do, however, is disconnect yourself from the flawed perception of a requited love being essential to appreciate what once was and now no longer is. The occurrence of an exceptional soul mate/partner/acquaintance or lover in our lives cannot always be misjudged as a permanent addition; too much of a good thing eventually becomes less good until you find that you shaped your unique persona around the coexistence of yourself with another being. You are never an us’ or a them’ you are a YOU; an individual who should aim to pursue a relationship WITH someone, not FOR someone or IN someone. You must maintain your independence if you wish to ever succeed in both love and its unavoidable mishaps.

Never cling too tight to something as intangible as the likes of and love itself. You are only missing out on your exceptional character and suppressing your individuality. You should exist alongside your partner, not morphed into them for when they inevitably leave you (through death or other circumstance) you will find yourself believing the flawed notion that you no longer have anything to live for. You should also believe that your partner deserves you as a whole, and not as a weak character that hides behind somebody else’s. If you truly love this person, reward them with your gift of departure if that’s what you think is the most appropriate.

So, rather than trying to get rid of the one you love just remind yourself that although not in your presence they still exist; and take comfort in the fact that you were blessed at least to experience and indulge in what WAS at one stage, and should now move on to accept and glorify yourself in what IS.