How to Finger Yourself To Orgasm Properly

There was a time in history that talking about things that give us pleasure is taboo. In the age of information technology, information is available at the click of your finger. No pun intended but today you will read about using your finger not to research but how to properly pleasure yourself using finger. This article is meant to aid women in all places gain knowledge of their bodies and how to give intense pleasure using your fingers with toys or gadgets to achieve orgasms. I identify with every woman around the world who wants to feel great pleasure using their own fingers. There are a lot of women who are not sure how to do this and need the direction from someone who is an expert in the art of female masturbation fingering techniques. 

It is an art of masturbating your genital with your own fingers. Other times, it involves the use of tools or toys to achieve pleasure. It is not limited to just moving the fingers around the vagina. This article will give perspective and knowledge that you can use for a long time.

Prepare the setting by choosing where to do it and most of the time it is the bedroom when no one is around. You can do it while loosely clothed or naked. Some people go the extra mile and really prepare with candle light and champagne with slow music to get into the mood of pleasuring themselves. Environment affects the imagination.

Begin by touching yourself. Let inhibitions go and make sounds that can stimulate your mood. Sometimes with the aid of water-based lubrication, wet yourself and start touching or rubbing the area around your vagina. Start from outer surface evenly and gradually towards the clitoris while increasing pressure in a circular motion. There is no exact rule in doing this. Just be creative with this procedure. When you feel wet, you can leisurely start to insert your finger inside and stimulate your G-spot. It is located along the base of your tummy inside the vaginal canal and it feels like the roof of your mouth. Make sure that you are in the mood and take any distractions out of your mind. You can use your other hand to touch your breasts or clitoris where there are lots of nerves for stimulus to amplify the thrill. Find out what feels good for your body and through time it will become an exciting and pleasurable escape from reality and a form of stress relief too.

To assist you without requiring presence of another human being, you may opt to buy up a personal vibrator. It is trendy and available in the market; I recommend the IRIS personal vibrator is a good choice for its quality. This particular vibrator is glossy and smooth and very powerful in providing you pleasure. The size is 8.7 inches long with two balanced engines but quiet. It has five stimulation modes to let you choose from. I recommend looking at online shopping websites and looking at other types of vibrators as well. Make sure to read reviews in order to get a good overall impression of the unit.

Five Steps to Pleasure:

  1. Slowly caress your clit and move your fingers gradually up and down or circular motions. You can use the two fingers. It is really up to you how you want to lather up and down on the clitoris that works best and gives you ultimate pleasure.
  2. Push your finger in, and then bend it slightly while pulling it out. This way, it scrapes beside the peak wall giving a chance to hit your G-spot. There is no process to hit it because the only way to know is by your feelings. When you did it, you will surely feel it and you will know that it is your G-spot like an epiphany.
  3. Be consistent and do not change positions every seconds because it interrupts the process of stimulation. To have a successful masturbation it has to be slowly built up to until orgasm is reached. You control the pressure to adjust to your pleasure. You can go faster and adjust angle or rotate the fingers whichever gives you the most pleasure. However, you need to remember that it delays orgasm when you change style and switch position of finger often so do it carefully in order not to interrupt the extreme pleasure of what you are doing..
  4. Give more concentration on the vaginal area. This is a technique that will make you feel well again. You can stroke your breasts with one hand while the other hand is caressing your vagina.
  5. When you reached orgasm, let your finger stay inside and slowly move it out to avoid discomfort and to feel the tingling pleasure of what you did.