Invisalign Pain Causes and Relief

Going to the dentist can cause mix emotions as there is an expectation of pain and discomfort. There was a time when getting braces is the common and trendy. As time pass by, there are changes and inventions that are designed to make life easier and more comfortable. Invisalign is one of them. It is an invisible option to the orthodontic wire braces that is getting more and more popular. It is aesthetically better than wire braces. You have the freedom to eat anything without fear of getting food stuck in the metal wires and brackets. However, Invisalign can cause discomfort and pain for a while for every new set fitted. Nevertheless, there are also some quick reliefs you can do until teeth realign.

When the trays are being removed for meals, Invisalign can hurt. Teeth that have been adjusted to new position by the tray triggers pain that would not last more than few minutes. The trick is to wait few more minutes before eating. The choices of food are also a factor so a suggestion is to choose soft and easy to chew food to lessen the force applied to the teeth.

One of the causes of pain is distress due to aligners in and out while eating. Another is due to irritation in your mouth when fitted in a wrong way. You can always ask nicely to adjust. Another is when switching their aligners, the Invisalign pain can last some time from hours to days.

There are ways to deal with the pain caused by Invisalign. Put the tray before bedtime to allow the teeth to begin their alignment during sleeping hours. Others opt to have some teeth drilled or removed to give space to the adjustment. The post extraction care is advisable before putting back trays in order to heal tissues that were affected.

Home remedy includes sucking on ice cubes to numb the mouth when pain is felt. Otherwise, you may ask the dentist if tooth and gum numbing products are advisable if worst pain is experienced to ease temporary pain.

And lastly, over-the-counter pain relievers are easy to buy and are nonetheless effective in easing the pain related to realignment of teeth by using Invisilign. In cases that there was a teeth extracted, gums may tend to bleed. Aspirin’s coagulant properties are not advisable and so avoid taking it when this is the case. Otherwise, you may always opt to visit your dentist to seek professional advice.