How Governments Benefit from Science Festivals

Science festivals provide unique opportunities to see the world from amazing new perspectives. Leading scientists gather with prominent thinkers and renowned artists to share their work in exciting programs of lectures, performances, and demonstrations that focus on the most critical and fascinating questions of our time.

This year, from May 28 to June 1, 2008, The World Science Festival will bring in scientists, teachers, professors, students and families from all over the world. Science will be center-stage. It is an honor to host such an event. The honor and the opportunity goes to New York City for 2008.

Science festivals benefit governments as well as the host institution, interest groups, participants, and visitors. Governments benefit by getting their jurisdiction (country, state, city) on the map and by tax revenue that they can collect from businesses who provide goods and services for science festival guests visiting the area.

With programs to suit a wide audience – from kids to adults, from the curious to the scientifically knowledgeable, these science festivals explore science with dramatic explanation of how our understanding of science has reached its current level.

Universities, colleges, and schools look for science festivals that are of interest to them and their students. Students,student groups, and teachers travel to the location of science festivals to display their work and to learn the latest scientific techniques and discoveries.

Host cities are seen as desirable places to live or visit. This desirability can boost the economy and can attract major businesses to the area. With an influx of visitors to a science festival, restaurants, motels, shops, and other businesses all see an increase in business. Through taxation, the government sees increased revenue. As an area becomes known as a scientific community, businesses move to the community and the tax base grows, benefiting the government.

Science festivals bring recognition to the scientists in that location. The scientist gets credit, along with the institutions and governments they represent. Organizations and governments beam with pride as one of their own citizens rises in the ranks of the scientific community.

Governments benefit from science festivals that take place in their geographic area, bringing them revenue, publicity, and recognition. The real strength of a science festival is not in attracting people to the area, but in showcasing the spectacular happenings in the spectacular world of science and seeing our world from a new perspective.