The Place of Science in our Society

Science is everywhere and everything. Once you are, science minded it is impossible not to see science everywhere. As I sit here, I know that there are thousands of hours of research right in my hands. This keyboard is the result of scientific study, the monitor and consol. The internet besides being the main portal to science is the result of science and is constantly modified by science.

Science (s’ns)

The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.
Such activities restricted to a class of natural phenomena.
Such activities applied to an object of inquiry or study.


Science is positive and negative, indifferent or determinant. Everything that makes life liveable today has come from some scientific breakthrough, whether intended or not. Medicine, nutrition, physiotherapy are all the result of research. The more we research the more we know, the more we know the more we can cure.

One of the problems with science is the more we find out, the more we know that we do not know. The closer we come to answers generally the further we fall away from them. Every time we find chemical/biological causes of disease or deficits in the body, we find out how much more complex the problem will be to solve.

The only way to move forward and succeed as a society is through continued research. The brilliant thing is that if you are not science minded, you never have to contribute. Science can be incredibly passive. Though is saying that, every time you purchase any item from groceries through to electronics you are contributing to science by funding or rewarding some research.

We cannot place science anywhere specifically in society because everything is science whether we want to believe it, or not. Even though who believe they are opposed to most science will still benefit from science and continue to fund and encourage it by some form or another.

Weird al Yankovic in his song Amis paradise includes the lines “But we aint really quaint, so please dont point and stare. Were just technologically impaired”. Although this is a funny approach to the views of Old Order Amish, whom don’t use modern conveniences such as electricity, telephones and mechanical transportation. We still cannot deny the importance of science in their society. They must still have high knowledge in areas of construction, horticulture and many other areas of study.

Science is the past, science is now, science is the future. Whether you choose to actively contribute, or passively use science. Science is everything we are, and everything we can be. Science is not a part of society. Science is society.