The best Educational Science Festivals

When choosing the best educational science festival, you need to take a few things in to consideration.

1) Does the festival offer something for the whole family.

2) Will the guest leave with a better understanding or new knowledge, on one or more science topics.

There are hundreds of science festivals in the world each year. The general purpose of a science festival is to educate and introduce the guests to new or improved technology.

I have two of what I feel are the “all around” best educational science festivals to offer you.

1) “The University of Cambridge Science Festival”

This festival is dedicated to providing education in the many fields of science. The projects are broken down in to age groups. Some of the lectures and demonstrations are for all ages. The speakers use laymen terms so the guest can leave with knowledge instead of confusion.

This festival offer to many topics to list all of them. A general idea of what they have is: Astronomy, photography, medical (DNA and stem cell research), sports science, computers, fitness, nutrition and almost any other related topic you can think of is offered at this festival.

I believe this to be the number one rated educational science festival. Not only for the seemingly, unlimited amount of topics but for the lectures, demonstrations and hands-on activities.

2) “The BA Festival of Science”

This festival is one of the most popular. It’s held annually in the UK. It focuses on Natural and Social sciences. It offers hundreds of speakers each year on numerous topics.

A festival in it’s 175th year must have a great educational foundation to it.