Governments and Science Festivals

A government benefits from whatever activity their citizens engage in that is not contradictory to the laws created for the good of its people. And science festivals alerts government officials to what is current in scientific circles. Educational benefits are included in this and the government always benefits from a well educated citizenry. The scope of the benefits depend on the festival and its theme and how widespread it is.

If the theme of the festival is related to good citizenship and ethical and moral concerns such as those labeled as for boy scouts and girl scouts then the government can expect future benefits. Four H club activities and other civic projects are examples of good citizenship.  others festivals, while not necessarily scientific, will benefit future farmers, home makers, law makers, teachers, artists, business people and all concerned. Good citizenship will be the payment and governments will benefit.

The lawyers, the judges, the governor, even, may be asked to attend and to address the crowd as to some upcoming event and this is beneficial when legislation is being planned. The United States is festival oriented. Every state has its priorities when it comes to putting on a show for surrounding states and often times, although they will probably deny this, competition is stiff. And each state usually has a fair sometime during the year and attempts to give all concerned a look at what they are about.

“The 3rd USA Science & Engineering Festival, the largest science festival in the United States, features nationwide contests and school programs during the 2013/2014 school year, including our popular ‘Nifty Fifty’ science speaker program.” It’s STEM program (science, technology, engineering and math is especially enlightening as to what the government can expects from its youth. But not only the government benefits from a well educated public, science probably heading the list, but the people which makes up the government benefits. It is they who elect the leaders and when these leaders are scientifically oriented, everyone benefits.   

But festivals in general, any large gathering that’s programmed annually is beneficial. As an example, The state of Kentucky has its Derby, which is, in essence, nothing more than a high class festival with high stakes indeed. (The leaders will probably disagree as to labeling but it is a yearly event where the world is invited to enter their best horses. In the other part of the state in December, Christmas festivals and fairs abound. All these, in their own way, make know the inner working of society and from this much good comes. It is hopeful that from such gatherings, scientific, equestrian, folksy or whatever. the country will be enlightened toward a freer and more equitable system of governing. 

On the local level counties have their own celebrating and they are numerous. Of course they are simply excuses to get together and to sell the crafts they have been creating all year and to get to meet new friends. In all a good way to have a good time.

Maybe they grow the best apples, or once did, and their festival will concern itself with apples. Or something different, something that gets a lot of publicity and draws a crowd, such as West Virginia’s ramp festival. Local governments are the beneficiaries of these smaller gatherings. If anyone in the area is running for some office then they will no doubt be there to win support. Science takes in a large territory and it’s narrowing and inconsequential to limit the good from such gathering to impressive educational festivals alone. 

Governments are about people and the people they serve. From the national level, to the state level, to the county level and to the district. This is the way my country is divided and I suppose other countries have similar arrangements.

Governments  are to serve the people and the people are not there to serve them. To obey the laws and to go about logically and morally to try to change the laws that don’t work the people must know what is going on with their governments.  Any other kind of thinking or doing is wrong. Science festivals is a way for the government to get involved with what’s going on within scientific circles and to see that the festivals are in line with government polices. That’s only common sense.

Lessons from history tell us that when dictators control the country for their own personal benefit, the country will not long endure. It cannot. So therefore, in a broad sense, festivals serve the governments because they have as their intention to give something to the people. What then are governments if not but a group of capable people standing in for the others? How can that not benefit any government, be it Sudan, Myanmar, Iraq, England, France, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland and the United States.