How Appearing Confident will Make others Overlook your Shortcomings

No one is perfect.  Everyone has shortcomings.  Actions which –shall we say- they are sub-optimal at.  To be successful a good case of confidence will help clear away those issues.  How does appearing confident make other overlook your shortcomings?

♦   Fake it Till you Make It  ♦ 

This is the basic tenant of trying to appear confident.  Perhaps you could think of it as having a good line of BS.  But it is much more than that.  By portraying confidence and skills, you actually acquire confidence and skills faster.  It also teaches you to adapt quickly to situations and learn fast.

♦   Confidence for a First job  ♦ 

Let’s look at a case of using confidence for your first job.  You have no experience, you do not know what you are doing?  You have some knowledge, you went to school after all, but how much is applicable.

Fake it till you make it is not saying you should try to pretend knowledge that you have no grasp of whatsoever.  Trying to walk into a law firm and start working will not work when you have a degree in physiology.   But you need to fake confidence in your surroundings.  Act sure of your abilities to grasp the information and learn it.  Don’t claim knowledge you do not have, but claim the ability to learn that knowledge fast.

The thing with faking it till you make it is often that you live up to your own claims.  When you pretend these thigs you end up becoming them.  Pretend you are confident and you know what you are doing and in a short time you become confident and you realize that you DO know what you are doing

♦   Confidence in Life  ♦ 

The same thing that is true on the job is true in life.  If you want to attract women or men one the the most important attributes is confidence.  When it seems that you have everything together and are “going places” people assume that you really are.  They respect you and admire you.  This makes it easier to build a positive relationship.

Again the funny part is that while you are pretending that you have your act together and you are going places things work out so that it actually becomes true.

The fact of the matter is that appearing confident will make others overlook your shortcomings, in the short term.  But in the long term appearing confidence will begin to erase your shortcomings.  It is a wonderful thing!