How to Achieve a Higher Level of self Confidence

Nothing more comes to my mind, that in order to build confidence, we have to have as much knowledge about what it is that we want to do. How much confidence would we have if we tried to sing a song without knowing the words?

No matter what it is in life, we attempt to do, a lack of knowledge or experience can drastically reduce the amount of confidence in anyone, no matter whom. However, there are differences with each person’s level of confidence for any given situation, and that is dependent on a person’s intellect. In some cases, one does not need the knowledge, but rather a belief in ones self that they can do it.

Since confidence is mostly our mental attitude, we can improve the amount that we posses by thinking positive as much as possible about our ability to do what ever it is we want to do. However, we cannot fool ourselves into feeling confident about conquering the impossible.

Our goals need to be reasonable enough to be attainable, while at the same time building on our confidence that we will reach them, and go beyond. Often some of us lack positive feedback by those who could have provided a feeling of confidence by withholding a compliment pertaining to what we did.

Growing up for me was a waste of many years for gaining my own confidence as no one in my family of ten would ever take an interest enough to provide a positive feedback for anything I may have accomplished. This left me somewhat in the dark as to where I stood in the world, and it was not until I discovered my own abilities in being good a something that I was able to feel confident.

I found that each time that I tried to do something and I did it right, my confidence would climb. We need to recognize our weak points, and then have to work on them so not to have them drain whatever confidence we have gained. We all have it within ourselves to be who we think we should be, and by constantly believing we can achieve all we set out to do, it will happen.

Levels of confidence can be built by doing something that is repetitive, which of course has nothing to do with a higher degree of intellect, but rather being totally familiarized with what it is we are doing. This is not the same thing as having what is needed to achieve success by one’s ability to meet whatever challenges may come their way.

However, no matter what it is in life we strive for, we must be able to feel good and at ease when trying to carry out what is necessary to achieve our goals.