Identifying and Dealing with Negative People

Identifying and dealing with negative people can be one of the most time consuming things that we do as people. Spotting people that are negative isn’t hard, but dealing with them can be very annoying. For whatever reason, people who think negative just don’t see anything good with the world, and will always find fault in even the greatest of things. It could be 70 degrees in the middle of winter, but they will wonder why it isn’t even warmer, or why it isn’t snowing instead. Anything is a hassle to them.

Dealing with someone who thinks negatively takes a little bit of work, but it can be done. If you can try to identify with why some people might think negative thoughts, you can avoid some situations where negative thoughts might come into play. If you can just walk a mile in their shoes, maybe you can figure out why they are thinking so negatively, and just figure out ways you might be able to help them. We don’t think negative just for fun, we don’t like to see the world in a shade of gray, but it happens sometimes.

Maybe you know someone who has problems in relationships, and always thinks that people are against them. Maybe that person was bullied at school, or didn’t have a mother or father. Maybe they feel that people are just going to come to them, but will just leave sooner or later, so why bother becoming attached? It could be possible that they had a bad relationship once, or were taken advantage of by a person, or by several people.

You might know someone who always feels like things are going to fail. Maybe that person has had bad luck in business, or has been bitten by things that were sure bets in the past. This person might just think negative thoughts because they only know of negative outcomes to anything that they try. Instead of being positive, they just start negative, don’t get their hopes up, and don’t feel as bad when things don’t go right.

Some people are just picky because maybe they grew up in a house where the rules were the rules, and things were just constant. Maybe these people just don’t know what it is like to fail, and then not get in trouble for it, or have always been around negative people in the past. Like I said, people don’t just grow up thinking things are doomed to failure, we have to learn that somewhere. If you grow up around supportive people, you might just think things were a little more rosy.

If we can learn to just figure out why people are so negative, we can learn to see them for what is really going on. We don’t want to be the party-pooper, but sometimes we just don’t think that things can go well. It is human nature for us to think the worst, but we usually have some will to succeed. Some don’t though, and we have to teach them that they can do what they want if they just see the good in what life has to offer.