Global Warming Environment

Global warming isn’t just something liberal environmentalists worry about anymore. It’s a trend of epic proportions that will impact literally every corner of the earth.

Finally, green is the new black. It’s trendy, and for good reason: the state of the environment has reached a critical level. More and more people and corporations are getting on board. Now reusable bags seem just as common as plastic bags in the grocery store and there’s just as much stigma around litter as there is stealing. Corporations and events are getting on board, too. The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, BC is already taking steps to increase awareness for sustainable living.

Corporations and factories do have a huge impact on the environment. Industry standards, government regulations and customer accountability help keep businesses on track, but the burden doesn’t just rest on manufacturers and governments.

Everyone can do their own part to help reduce carbon emissions and therefore reduce global warming. Singular changes might not seem like they make a big difference, but they add up. Plus, every little bit counts.

Here are just a few things every person can do to reduce their emissions, carbon footprint and help stop global warming:

1) Carpool anywhere and everywhere. To the store, on vacation, to work. Even better, walk your errands. That way, you get exercise and save resources.

2) You can’t always carpool, so pick a car that’s fuel-efficient.

3) Buy green! For the first time in history, more people in America are recycling than not. Now the problem is there is no market for environmentally-friendly products. Buy recycled, organic and free trade. It’s all about supply and demand.

4) Check your appliances, energy efficient appliances can slash your bills and drastically cut the effect on the environment.

5) Weatherize your home, especially if you have old windows and doors. Use weather stripping and seal drafts.

6) Take simple steps like cutting off lights, reusing as much as possible and recycling. These traditional, go-to environmental steps make a drastic impact.

7) Educate yourself. You can’t beat your opponent if you don’t know your opponent. Learn the causes, effects and outlook of global warming. Keep a few statistics in your back pocket the next time global warming comes up. Did you know that the eight warmest years on record (since 1850) have all occurred since 1998, the warmest being 2005. There’s more where that came from.

Check out a complete list of simple things you can do to shrink your carbon footprint at The earth will thank you.