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Is the Evolution of Humans Destructive to Planet Earth’s Environment?

I agree that our evolution is lopsided, and humans are hurtling toward personal disaster with unregulated population growth and ill management of resources, but the Earth is not specifically here for us. It has resources we can benefit from if developed properly, I hardly think that using them is raping the Earth. The Earth has been far more destructive of all species on it’s own, 98% of all species that once existed have been eradicated by good ol ‘mother’ Earth. Yet people continue to be misled that humans are destroying the planet with technology that continues to evolve and improve in some degrees. There is no such thing as green, non- polluting technology. Humans pollute in one manor or another. So does the Earth in it’s tectonic tantrums. The danger is in unmanageable pollution, like putting the outhouse too close to the well. The danger is when eco systems become compromised like long lines at a johnny station at a concert or other event.

Many studies jump at the conclusion that the increase of CO2 is mostly human caused. But this study shows that CO2 is mostly natural, from volcanoes: It also shows that most of the acidification of the ocean is due to volcanic activity as most of the areas of lower Ph are in ocean areas around active volcanism. When you look at the amount of CO2 from human industrial and fossil emissions, that is less then 5%. And the same author linked above shows that most human emissions are due to deforestation, an activity that’s mostly linked to population growth which has been very substantial over the last century.

Then there’s this claim that sea levels have been increasingly substantially this past two decades or so. But when scrutinized theses claims fail to hold much water. Sea level rise has been mostly steady and constant over the last 3 centuries and has been an average of about 1 foot per century. Claims have been exaggerated due to areas of land sinking, not ocean rising. Data has been cherry picked to substantiate bogus claims The past warming has been natural and steady for centuries, not accelerated like certain bureaucratic run science organizations claim. There is no accelerated melting of the poles.

I don’t know where people get this idea that nature, aka- the Earth’s eco system, is our mother. Humans evolved around nature and have learned how to manipulate it to their advantage. But at the same time humans have grown to an out of balance factor in the optimum scenario of conservation methods that works against long term usage of Nature’s potential. Nature by itself is not benevolent in all facets, in fact nature can be very ruthless in it’s various check and balance mechanisms. Think of all the wild animals that can inflict harm on humans either directly, or indirectly via the other organisms they carry. There are all kinds of parasites that can inflict much harm or death to we the human inhabitants. And the forces of the Earth or Sun can tip the scales to favor one species over another. Nature is not Disneyland. Our present danger is obvious, and that is over-exploitation of the ecosystem, but CO2 emissions are not a factor in that. Indeed, studies have shown that more CO2 benefit plant life as a natural fertilizer. That adds to an optimization of the beneficial effect of Nature for humans.

The biggest affect of humans on the Earth is terraforming, ie: draining lakes, damming rivers, seas, exploiting resources, unmanageable pollution of land and water, over farming, fishing, etc. This has done little to effect climate. Yes deforestation and farming do effect climate some, but in the large scheme of things the effects are mostly local and don’t effect the overall warming or cooling to the Earth. Earth’s own natural systems, along with the output of the Sun’s radiance, greatly supersedes what ever afflictions humans caused on the planet. Most of the changes contributed by humans is the fowling of their nests. The Earth’s biodiversity is quite resilient and dynamic that humans would have to do something major, like world wide nuclear holocaust, to have a major impact of the biosphere. And climate changes would be temporary in that respect, but probably devastating too considering the magnitude of such an event. But humans do have the capability of species eradication due to over hunting or fishing. That would be disastrous if allowed to happen.

So the fear of a green house event triggered by human emissions is quite far fetched and has been exaggerated in the interest of promoting self advancement or political control over the masses. Recent science revelations have shown that, and only the political hype remains on the myth that human industrial evolution is changing the climate to a runaway green house effect.

Human’s biggest problem is cultural, racial and religious conflicts. Humans have not quite evolved to open their minds to the greater realities. I think most of the problems is religious and racial hubris, the beliefs that humans future depends on some old prophesied, religious event or cosmic occurrence. Many have not yet realized that humans can be masters of their destinies by realistic thinking instead of emotional and religious baggage that hampers real progress. Humans still follow cultural- religious mandates rather then what their hearts and minds should really conceive. The eco-green movement has been hijacked by special interests into a political- religious movement and people continue to be duped into it like those who pay churches for salvation.

Humans have not quite evolved past old fears, desires and false perceptions, we continue to be out of balance with our environment and ourselves. We continue to grow into a bigger problem where no amount of official promoted, green or religious fixes could resolve. Evolve past the hubris, the hype, educate yourselves, regain your destinies, don’t fall for the eco, political, or religious mantras.

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