GG249 Pill: How to Tell if it’s Fake or Not

Based on U.S. prescription drug resources, the white rectangle shaped pill imprinted with GG249 is Alprazolam (2 mg), which is the active ingredient in Xanax, so it’s known as Xanax 2mg.

Alprazolam is mainly used in the treatment of moderate to severe anxiety, since it can slow down the movement of chemicals in your brain in order to reduce the nervous tension. Thus the drug is widely used to treat anxiety disorders, anxiety caused by moderate depression, depression and even panic disorder.

How to Tell if GG249 is Fake or Not

There are a few online shops that sold the fake and bogus Xanax (alprazolam), especially the 2mg bars. So it is important that you know what fake Xanax bars look like and how to tell if the GG249 tablets are fake or not.

GG249 Real vs. Fake

Based on my research, there are some guides that you can tell if it’s real or not. Here are 3 as below:

1. Scores

Look closely at the above pictures, the real Xanax GG249 does look like this:

  1. GG|2|4|9 – You can see the marked GG|2|4|9 from top to bottom, scores between the letters(GG) and numbers and smooth on the back side.
  2. G|G24|G – See the above right picture, there is a partial score that marks above/below the number “2”. On the back side of the pill, there are three score lines that can be split into 4 pieces.

2. Size:

The size of the legitimate Xanax 2mg is about 15.00 mm, so you can determine if it’s fake or not by comparing to this size.

3. #4 Open or Not

According to many users’ experience, it is usually reported that the fake GG249 pill has an open topped 4 on it while the real one is a closed 4 just like the one on your keyboard.
However some users have stated that the legitimate GG 249 2mg alprazolam pills do indeed have an open 4.

Straight from the pharmacy the pills have an open topped 4 on them.(thanks S. Popov)

Side Effects & Cautions:

The side effects and cautions of alprazolam you should know as the following:

  1. Allergic reactions: Don’t use it if you have an allergic reaction to alprazolam or other benzodiazepines.
  2. Alcohol: Don’t take it with alcohol, this can increase the alcohol’s effects to you.
  3. Pregnant: Don’t use it if you are in pregnancy, this may cause birth defects.
  4. Breathing problems or other diseases: Don’t use it if you have these diseases such as liver disease, kidney conditions or glaucoma. Tell your doctor before you take this medication.
  5. Buying: Don’t buy alprazolam on internet or outside of U.S. They may contain some dangerous ingredients like haloperidol.