Feeling alone

We who are alive at this moment in time have been given the gift of a life to use to the best of our ability. Some of us get the chance to live for many years and others not so many and thankfully we are never told beforehand how many years we will have allotted to us and so hence the importance of the saying ‘live each day as if it were your last’.

When we are young we are usually born within the heart of a family who in most instances will give you lots of love and security but there will come a day when you have to leave the warmth of this family and venture out into the outside world. You are then virtually on your own and despite the fact that you may be able to count on your family when you are in trouble, at the end of the day it at last all comes down to you and how you cope with the life that you have been given.

Some people find life quite frightening. They don’t know whether they are making the right decisions, they don’t know whether they are wasting their life away by going down the wrong path and most importantly more often than not nearly every person has more than once felt very alone and frightened in this great big world.

Just tell yourself, that the way you are feeling is the way that hundreds of others before you have felt the same. We are all in the same boat. Life is so delicate and hangs on such a fine thread but if you really try to live each day as if it were your last and try to treat other people in the way that you would like them to treat you I think that you are on the right path.

After we leave the heart of our families each and every one of us are alone and it is up to each one of us to try and combat that feeling. In other words we have to try and organise our lives so that we don’t feel so alone. The way in which to do this is to always try and think of how other people are thinking and to know that whatever doubts and fears you have, other people will be experiencing the same things. Once we know and acknowledge this it will be eaiser to befriend other people and try to hep them, remembering always that when you help another person you are also at the end of the day also helping yourself.

Most of us may have the luck to be able to start up a family of their own but even that is no guarantee that you will not end up being alone one day as family members leave or at worst some families don’t even get on with each other.

So if every person in the world just helped only one other person it would create such a lovely chain of good feelings that might possibly change the whole harmony of the world because at the moment the harmony of the world is not in its ideal situation. People are greedy, egoistic and non caring and this leads to many people feeling very lonely simply because others don’t care about them or sometimes don’t even have the time to spare to care.  A recent news report springs to mind of a young woman who was knocked unconscious onto the floor of a train station platform in Italy.  For a good five minutes people just walked by ignoring her and with no intention of helping until at last a young man stopped and called for an ambulance.  Is this what the world has come to?  No one seems to care about anyone but themsevles?

It would be so lovely if everyone could forget just for once about their race, their pride, their arrogance and just be a normal person who was willing to help another who was feeling frightened or lonely. It is not so much to ask for, it just requires very little from each one. A little bit of interest and concern for the well being of another, who after all may be suffering the same fears as you yourself. And so at the end of the day a person who has gone through hard times himself will surely know how to understand and help another being who is going through the same difficult moment.

In this life, we can all decide to lead the whole of our lives on our own without reaching out to anyone else but on your dying bed what could you be able to say that you had done which was worthwhile?  Did you help anyone? did you leave a mark of yourself behind?  If you could say that you did none of these things it might appear that you didn’t make the most of the life that was given to you.  You could on the other hand try to lead each day to the best of your ability and try to help as many people as you could and then you would at least have contributed something of your life to the rest of the world. 

Always remember that if you feel lonely at times there are millions of other people feeling lonely as well and if that you can reach out to only a few other lonely people and make a change in their lives by making them feel not so lonely then you will have achieved a lot and at the same time you yourself will not feel so lonely either as you will have made a new friend.