Factors that Influence Shopping Behaviors

Your shopping behavior will vary based on a variety of different factors.  It is useful to be aware of these factors so that if you want to change your behavior you will be able to do so.  The following are some things that may play a hand in how you shop.

How your parents shopped

To some extent you might have picked up your shopping behaviors from your parents.  If you always went out with your mother on big shopping sprees as something fun to do, then you may do this as an adult.  You may just learn that this is an activity to do.  On the other hand, if you are never exposed to it or are taught that it is just something done for things that are absolutely necessary, then you might be more frugal and only shop when necessary.  Of course, some people that were unhappy with the shopping behaviors of their parents might actually go further the other way as a rebellion or reaction to their parents’ behavior.  For instance, if you never had money to buy anything as a child, then you may overspend now.

Financial situation

Someone with more money than they know what to do with may shop very differently than someone who is struggling to pay off their mortgage.  For people who are very wealthy, shopping may be a form of constant entertainment and they may buy many things that they do and do not need.  Someone else may have no choice but to be more frugal because the money simply isn’t there.

Underlying emotional issues

Some who shop do it as a compulsive behavior.  They may not need anything, but they may be addicted to the thrill of buying something new.  Some people just love to get good deals, no matter whether they need the items or not.  They may buy one thing after the next, often far beyond their means and send themselves way into debt.  They may look forward to it, and love when they get something new.  The problem is that the excitement from buying something new usually fades fairly quickly, and then those consumers feel like they need to go right back out and buy more.  To help remedy this, you will need to address these issues and see what you are using shopping as a substitute for or the bad feelings you are trying to smooth over.

Shopping behavior varies greatly.  Some people just enjoy shopping while others do it only when they have to.  Also, some people may take on some of the behavior of their friends or significant others.  These may combine with the above factors to give the shopping behaviors one exhibits.