Shopping the Blues away

Shopping the Blues away. It’s very therapeutic. Years ago it was buying
a hat that took away the blues. My mom loved to window shop and that
took the blues away. It takes you someplace outside of yourself. Shopping
the blues away comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. To each his own.

Recently we bought the hose extension needed to use our central vacuum
cleaner. Now that shopping was very therapeutic. It took away the blues of
doing the rugs while having to lug around this huge heavy vacuum cleaner. Now
I just plug it in and go.

Lots of women love shopping for shoes. That’s really therapeutic.
The right kind of shoes anyway. In my younger years it was high heels.
Now it’s looking for comfort and style.

Shopping the blues away is different for everyone. For us we love going to yard
sales. That takes away any blues. Finding that right item. It doesn’t have to
be much. It could be something you’ve been looking for for a long time. A few
months ago I was shopping at the Goodwill and low and behold the bowl and basin
I’ve been looking for over the last ten years.

Window shopping is lots of fun. Just walking in and out of stores to
see what they have. Trying on clothes you’ll never buy. There’s all
kinds of shopping and any kind of shopping will truly take the blues away.
Think about it. Your out of the house. Your not focused on your problems.
Whether you buy something or not isn’t the point. It’s just a matter of being
out there with people. It’s walking and walking is therapeutic. It will take
the blues away.

It’s wonderful when you can shop during the sales. It’s best to wait
and watch it go from 25 % to 40 %, later 50% and finally 75%. That’s the
time to shop. You can really decorate your home for little money.
Of course if your window shopping you don’t want sales because you’ll just want
to buy and feel bad because it’s not in the budget and that’s not
taking the blues away but creating more. But if you need something and it’s in
the budget then that’s the time to purchase it and you’ll certainly
feel good about it.

We shopped a long time for our home. For about four months we checked
online before we ever set foot out the door. Then we got our list
together and for months we traveled and dropped in on Open House.
Drove by. We found our home while looking for one on the list. It was
perfect just sitting there with a for sale sign by owner. We now live in

Shopping is about good processes and if you have good processes you’ll
find yourself finding the best deals and bargain prices. That takes
away the blues.

Our latest shopping spree was finding the right church. Why should it
be any different then anything else you want or need. God honors good
processes and with good processes shopping always takes away the blues.
Any blues. It just makes good sense. It feels good. Last but not least
even grocery shopping can take the blues away.