Factors that Influence Behavior changes

Behavior changes can occur for a variety of reasons.  It is important to be aware of the factors at play, because sometimes these can signal a significant underlying event that needs to be addressed.  Consider the following issues.

Underlying physical issues

Sometimes behavior change is precipitated by some sort of physical change.  Sometimes it is a sign of a disease, and it is important to recognize these so that you might be able to treat them.  Brain tumors, while rare, can influence behaviors and sometimes cause major personality differences.  In addition, a disease such as Alzheimer’s Disease can change the behavior of a person.

Mental disorder

Many mental disorders cause minor and significant changes in behavior.  When someone is depressed, for instance, they may almost seem like a shadow of their former self, always focusing on the bad, not being motivated, wanting to sleep a lot and displaying other symptoms.  Someone with schizophrenia might also act very differently.  There are many mental disorders, and they affect behavior in different ways.


People can also display a significant behavior change due to legal and illegal prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  Some people seem to behave in a completely different way when they develop an alcohol or drug problem.  Someone who is very kind, logical and reasonable might behave in a way that is horrible under these influences.  Even medications suggested or prescribed by a doctor can influence someone, so it is important to consider these as culprits.


A lot of people behave in certain ways because of their experiences.  If a tragedy happens, for instance, then they may be shaped by that.  If some very good things happen to them, then they might also change their ways.  Also seeing the consequences that happen because of another person’s behavior might also influence them to avoid it happening to them or to promote it happening to them depending on whether it is good or bad.

The people with whom they associate

Sometimes people change their behavior depending on whom they are with.  They might want to behave in a certain way to fit in with their friends and then start taking those behaviors as habits of their own.  They may learn by watching others and decide that they want to do those behaviors as well.

If someone’s behavior change is significant, then you might want to address these changes with a physician.  The above factors are some that may be influencing the changes.