Shopping the Blues away

The thrill of the chase, the smell of the leather – and that’s just the salesman! Seriously though, shopping can be one of the best experiences if you are feeling a bit on the gloomy side of life.

However, a word of warning – if you are shopping to cheer yourself up, avoid fitting rooms with strip lights, communal changing rooms and above all, shops out of your price range. If not, you can guarantee the strip lights will reveal every wrinkle, gray hair, blemish and spot on your face and make you feel about ninety eight, every other person in the communal changing room will have the figure you always wanted and in the out of your price range shop you will see something you absolutely adore – but of course, you cannot afford it!

To really shop the blues away,keep to shops where you can at least afford to buy something. Combine the trip with meeting up with a friend for company and take a list of things and stick to it so you really accomplish something by the end of the day. Make time for a coffee or lunch and you can have a great day and only spend what you need to.

There is truth in the saying ‘ retail therapy’. Shopping takes us out of ourselves, allows us to dream and think outside our usual routines and may even let us think about other people if we are present buying or about ourselves a bit if we are treating ourselves or buying something for a special occasion.

If you really have nothing to buy for, treat yourself to a small extravagance, or better still, surprise your friend or partner with a gift – the look on their face will be worth every penny and it does not have to be something expensive. A cuddly toy, a flower or a msallpiece of jewelry candothetrick. Or, something toeat – go on indulge!

The very act of going to town or the mall, the drive or ride there, meeting other people, browsing and strolling round shops allows our subconsciousness to act on any problems in our lives – much like meditation (or so I say as my excuse).

Shopping is great for lifting you out of a blue time and it can be really good for the go so long as you avoid those strip lights!