Extraterrestrial Life Fact or Fiction

The earth is a planet with many different species. If we look at humans, their are many different races, black, white ,yellow and red people all inhabit our wonderful planet. Taking a further look at the different animal species we can clearly see many different breeds of dogs, cats, elephants …you get the point.

Now looking at earth itself, it is in an excellent position to hold all of this life! it has all the exact elements and chemicals that are needed foe life, and then a bunch more that are technologically abundant without necessarily any use for sustaining life forms. Their are millions of other planets and stars, to say the least our planet is part of a huge system of galaxies. possibly in different environments the same elements or chemical reactions would be different than here on earth.

Of course as far as we know, any living organism contains at least a high percentage of water, and i don’t think their will be any alien cams on mars or the moon which has a temperature range of -280 degrees F at night to +260 degrees F during the day.

With the internet people are getting more updated and quicker information about what is in outer space and how things work out there which is good, but how quickly would something be confirmed by the masses when we see videos posted by 11 year olds that we thought was something out of stephen king? Some people would not ever admit to believing in “extraterrestrials” unless one showed up and bit them in the bum. And i would have to say that is normal for some people who have seen tons of hoaxes or just do not consider the big picture.

The fact of the matter is though, we as people like to think that we are special and we certainly are! But with all of the planets, stars elements chemicals and just plain unexplained things that we do not fully understand in the world, one has to wonder what is and isn’t possible.

We could probably save a lot of trouble if everyone had super powered telescopes that could see as far as other galaxies but until then, it may not be proven fact or fiction, but it is definitely possible.