Extraterrestrial Life Fact or Fiction

I’m a scientist. I am also an individual with common sense. It would defy all logic if we were the single planet in the vast multiverse capable of sustaining life. We have discovered a few extraterrestrial species in our own solar system; so how can there not be in others?

The extraterrestrials known to us originate on the planet Mars. They are microscopic organisms, not little green men or some other ridiculously complex type of organism; nor are they beings intent upon destroying us and inhabiting our planet. The planet Mars exhibits signs of presence of water, which is the prerequisite for sustainable life, as far as we understand of our Earth lifeforms. As with our planet, prehistoric evidence shows that some sort of calamity occurred that destroyed all life on the planet at that point in time.

I am not an atheist, nor am I blindly religious. I believe in God because there is proof of existence of an omnipotent, omnipresent force in everything that exists. Whether or not people choose to try to apply boundaries and limits to such an entity using books and threats is entirely up to them if it helps them to more fully or understandably appreciate God. I am a scientist and I believe in whatever is proven to exist. I am also not a foolish scientist who holds the concept that science and God are distinct from one another or contrast in any way. From all my experiences in life, science is just a way to help people understand God, just like religion.

Evolution is fact. It is a part of the great chain of life that continues. All microscopic lifeforms, given time and a stable environment, whether extreme or not, can develop to adapt to a particular life. Also, there are bound to be other planets in the universe that are far older than those in our solar system and have many different environments and natural resources that we could only dream of understanding. The existence of organisms on our planet before the homo sapiens species as we know it today is also fact. There was a calamity that erased life on our planet. Today we stand on a world filled with flourishing life (despite human impact on all other life). The same is possible for Mars, given a few billion years; and the same is likely to have happened on any other planet in the multiverse that is even older than Earth.

Now, I am not an astrobiologist or a microbiologist, I am a medical student. But naturally, any type of biology would be intertwined with my life searches. So I can safely say that there is enough geological and fossil evidence from Mars to prove that extraterrestrial life exists within our own solar system. Perhaps someday, with the advancement of technology, we may be able to prove or disprove the existence of it on planets elsewhere in the multiverse.