Do you believe in Ufos

Do You Believe?

There are those who won’t even entertain the thought that the earth has been visited by beings from another world. One might go as far as to say that most are non-believers.

To date, the most common argument by skeptics is the idea that it would take much too long for anything or anyone to travel to Earth from a distant galaxy. Aside from the arrogant boast that we’ve already mastered the knowledge of our own, the problem with this theory is that the word “travel” is continuously being redefined. If one were to mention, two hundred years ago, that soon we will be able to have breakfast in London and dinner in New York on the same day, that person would most likely have been ostracized from society, if not locked up in a damp cell until repenting his “sorcery-like” ways. And let us not forget that it wasn’t too long ago that landing a human-made probe on Mars was nothing more than a sci-fi fantasy.

It seems to me, after living in a civilization that proves the impossible possible nearly every day, the impossibility that beings from another world simply couldn’t visit Earth is the most impossible scenario of all.

But what about the evidence? And what exactly is evidence in this case. We know that drawings of extra-terrestrials and their flying crafts have been found on the walls of ancient caves and pyramids throughout the entire world. Does not the fact that they have been spotted by man as long as man has existed constitute evidence?

In Phoenix Arizona on March 13th 1997, tens of thousands of people witnessed several unidentified flying aircraft passing through the Arizona sky. The objects were said to be low-flying but making no sound. They were also described as moving erratically, sometimes at a high rate of speed and sometimes just hovering directly above, motionless for everyone to gawk at. It’s also important to note that this event wasn’t reported to have taken place in terms of minutes, but of hours. And what of the fact that while these reports were pouring in from Phoenix and several of the neighboring counties, neither the civilian or military airports could find anything on radar? Doesn’t this eye witnessed account, thousands strong, along with video taped footage constitute evidence or does evidence, in this case, simply lie in the eye of the beholder?

Another type of what some might call arguable proof is the formation of the more than ten thousands crop circles documented across the planet. What’s even more shocking than the actual number is the intricacy of the shapes themselves. They range from meticulously detailed insects and ancient human symbols to highly complex mathematical equations, including those that mimicked elements relating to the fourth-dimensional process of quantum physics.

In 1995, a string of formations unfolded across parts of Europe. There were four in all, the last one ending in a two-hundred forty foot wide depiction of the inner solar system. The symbols were formed with such an exact orbital ratio, it dumbfounded scientists all over the world.

And in 1996, flying above Stonehenge, a sight-seeing tour pilot was staggered to discover a NINE HUNDRED foot formation resembling the “Julia Set Computer Fractal”. A mathematical design used to calculate measurements dealing with the “Chaos Theory”. With its one hundred forty-nine scrupulously laid circles, it took more than five hours just to survey. Admittedly, the pilot might not have been quite as surprised as he was, if not for the fact that on his last pass about forty-five minutes earlier, this formation had not existed. (board-stomping, huh?)With so many questions left to answer, it just seems a bit premature to dismiss entirely the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. And with more than ten-thousand sightings reported world-wide every year, that’s ten-thousand more reasons to believe than not to.