Causes of Blue Urine

Any change in the color of your urine can be frightening, but looking down to see that your urine is blue is a quick attention getter. In most cases, the cause of blue urine can be traced back to a simple answer like a specific medication that has been taken, or in some cases even something that you have recently eaten. As is true with any odd condition of the body, any drastic change can be frightening when seen for the first time.

Tracking down why your urine is blue can usually be solved by looking at what medication you take, and if your urine was blue after taking that medication. In older men that have erectile dysfunction problems and use a medication like a Viagra, that is often the answer to why urine has turned blue. Viagra is not the only medication that can turn urine blue, Rinsapin, which is an antibiotic used in the treatment of a staph infection, or Triamterene which is a diuretic, can turn urine blue just as easily. In fact, there are any number of medications available, both prescribed and OTC, that use a blue dye in the manufacturing process that can turn urine blue.

There are a few people believe that the color of their urine can become blue due to porphyria. It’s  incorrect exactly as the blue color that they have seen is not the real color. it’s purple when they have got porphyria, since porphyria can be ruled out, and if you are not taking any medications, that would mean that blue urine is the byproduct of something you have eaten. A list of all the foods that could turn urine blue could stretch on for quite awhile, so the best thing to consider is what you have eaten and the frequency of urinating blue.

A number of foods and candies employ the use of blue dyes, and in sufficient quantities, they can turn urine blue. If you have only had an isolated instance of urinating blue, it is likely something new you have eaten that is the culprit. If you are urinating blue on a regular basis, try cutting out whatever it is you ingest on a daily basis one by one for a day at a time until you identify what food has turned your urine blue. Also, if you are urinating in a commode that has some sort of sanitizing cube in place, that can sometimes react with certain chemicals present in urine and change the color to a bluish tint. If you are only seeing your urine as blue in the bowl or urinal at one specific spot using such a sanitizer, that is likely the reason your urine appears blue. Whatever the cause may be, blue urine is not something to panic over. It is simply a matter of certain dyes not being broken down before passage in most cases, or a discoloration caused by something you have eaten.