What Makes Blue Jeans Blue

The body is built up of many different things such as muscle and fat and water. The thing that gives people the ability to move is the nervous system. The nerves send electrical pulses through the body to tell each muscle what is needs to be doing. This happens at an extraordinary rate. The eyes are the optic nerves of the body and they pick up visible wavelengths. Light is produced in wavelengths that are visible and not visible. The visible light is known as ROYGBV, this stands for Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet. These colors represent all of the colors and shades you see. Blue jeans are blue because when light bounces off of the fabric and the dye, it changes the wavelength. You are not actually seeing blue, what you are seeing when you look at blue jeans is actually every color except blue and that’s why you see the blue. If your eye actually saw blue then you wouldn’t really see the blueconfusing I know. After you eye doesn’t really see the colors it sends a signal to the brain telling you where things are and what colors they are. When people say that red food dye is the worst for you, they don’t actually mean red, because colors have nothing to do with almost anything. Eating a color can not effect you. This means that if you eat an apple one-day, if you eat a different colored apple the next, the color has absolutely nothing to do with your digestion and what you absorb. In red dye its not the color, it’s the chemical used to produce the red that is harmful to your body, but don’t worry if you eat red food dye you wont die, its only bad for you over time.
Once your brain gets the signal of the colors and locations of objects along with the brightness of the light your brain is able to act on what it knows through memories and knowledge. If a red car hits you five days in a row, your brain will know to watch out not only for cars but especially the color red. In theatre there are warm (shades of red) light gels and cool light gels because warm travels farther and grabs your attention more while cool (shades of blue) travels not as far and is a lot less vibrant.
To recap: blue jeans are blue because of the light rays that are bouncing off of them. They are also blue because they are every color except blue. Now that you know this, don’t walk around yelling that blue is not blue and red is not red because people will think you are colorblind or just crazy.