Bad Breath causes and Prevention

At various times in our life we will suffer from bad breath. This affliction, known as halitosis, can happen to both the healthiest, or to the sickest amongst us.

The main cause of bad breath in our physical bodies is bacterial growth. Known as plaque, this bacteria allows some sulphur compounds, to be created as a volatile cocktail in your mouth. Tooth decay, even indents or grooves in your tongue, can be holding, or catchment areas for bacteria.

Using mouthwashes, flossing and brushing of your teeth, sucking on a peppermint, or chewing gum, are a quick fix, but the problem may lie deeper than that. These will all help to remove food particles, that cause the problem if left in place, and feed, and harvest bacterial growth. Bacterial build up can lead to serious diseases of your gums.

Having a continually dry mouth is one cause of bad breath. Your body salivates inadequately enough to flush away the build up of bacteria. In the morning, we all wake up with a stale bad breath. It has been shown scientifically, that no one produces saliva, while they are sleeping.

Any adverse health condition, or minor infection will have an effect on our breath. Even constipation affects both ends of us, causing bad breath at the top end, as well.

Our diet, the foods that we eat, and the health of our digestive system, all affect our breath, in combined or additive ways. Take all together, or even just 2 or 3 of these contributing factors, and our breath will begin to keep even our pet dog away. Eating garlic flavoured foods can leave us with a strong breath, and smoking affects our mouth, and our whole body health, contributing to bad breath as well.

There are many tried and true natural bad breath cures. One is using bicarbonate of soda. Dissolve it in water, squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice, and swill the mixture around your gums, and tongue.

A number of herbs are natural breath fresheners. Aniseed, cloves, and good old fashioned mint, basil, or parsley are very effective. Chew them directly, or drink them as herbal teas.

Munching an apple, or raw guava helps to remove trapped particles of food as well. An apple a day, helps your breath, and so your breath won’t keep your partner away, anymore. Chewing on hazelnuts slowly, will help to absorb bad breath.

Eating yogurt works on bad breath in two ways. It helps normalise the digestion system, by adding its live cultures. The good bacteria in yogurt can help to kill off some of the bad bacteria in your mouth, and your stomach.

From a metaphysical understanding, bad breath stems from an allowance of spiritual stagnation. You think stale thoughts, and live from unconscious programmed beliefs of non worth. This misalignment of your mental processes, allows the physical to take on an aspect of breathing, that is not full breathing.

Bad breath is a curse for us all. It moves us away from ourselves, killing our self confidence, and allowing a sort of false image of ourselves, to be portrayed.

Some medical conditions, such as respiratory disease, support bacterial growth in clogged airways, and diabetes lowers resistance to oral infections.

Shallow breathing is one of the main causes of bad breath. Bad breath can be alleviated by taking several deep breaths every morning and night, and so love comes into you refreshed from the surrounding life, that comes alive, as you come alive. Becoming more alive, you survive the arrival of bad breath, for another day, by living more confidently.