Bad Breath causes and Prevention

Bad breath is not something you should ignore, it can have a very negative effect on your professional and personal life. Picture this story in your mind:

You have just started a relationship with a wonderful man and as he leans over to kiss you he suddenly draws back and has an unpleasant expression on his face. Your heart skips a beat because you know the problem is your bad breath. What do you do and how do you handle this uncomfortable scenario? Discreetly slipping a mint in your mouth before your date did not resolve the issues.

The next day you repeat this scenario in your head and acknowledge to yourself that over the last few months that other people having been giving you hints that you have a bad breath problem. You admit that you have had chronic bad breath issues that you have not addressed and now is the time to find out why.

The first thing if you suspect bad breath is occurring frequently, is to make a trip to the dentist office. The dentist will perform an exam on your mouth to see if there are any dental issues causing the bad breath. This may be the reason for the bad breath and taking care of the dental issues may eliminate the problem.

If the dentist cannot resolve the problem , you should start to look for a bad breath cure. Certain foods like garlic can cause a very unpleasant odor. If you use garlic frequently this can be a source of your problem. After you ingest a heavy meal with garlic, the garlic is absorbed into your bloodstream and carried into your lungs which give off the bad odor. If you are skipping meals and not eating for long periods of time, this can be the source of your bad breath.

It is important that you brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss at least once a day. Particles of food can remain in your mouth if you are not brushing your teeth regularly .Purchase a tongue scrapper to clean your tongue and pay close attention that you are scrapping the back of the tongue. Food that remains in your mouth collects bacteria and can cause a terrible odor.

Bad breath can also signal a serious medical problem, especially when the dentist has identified there are no dental problems. Diabetes, gastrointestinal problems or issues with other body organs like the liver or kidney can be the source of a bad breath problem. You need to schedule an appointment with your physician to rule out any undiagnosed medical problems.

Certain medications can cause dry mouth which can be the source of bad breath. Also individuals with chronic breathing problems can develop dry mouth. Sucking hard candies or chewing sugarless gum stimulates the production of saliva that helps to wash away any food particles and bacteria present in your mouth. Drinking lots of water will also wash away food particles.

You cannot simply go to the store and buy mouthwash or other similar products to permanently eliminate bad breath. These products will only give you a short term fix. You need to investigate the reason for your bad breath and treat it appropriately. Practicing good dental hygiene and seeing your dentist regularly can be the answer to preventing bad breath. Follow up with your physician to address any medical issues. The next evening you spend with the wonderful man in your life can have a wonderful ending and the bad breath will become a vague memory.