Alien Species

The Earth is the largest terrestrial planet in our Solar System and is until now the only place in the Universe where millions of speices, including humans are found to exist. Our planet is established as a result of a star explosion. This star is known as the Sun. In view of the fact that there are millions of stars in our galaxy, there is a strong possibility that a terrestrial planet may well be present. This planet could have living organisms and be similar to or different from the Earth. By a living organism I imply a variety of microorganisms, flora and fauna or even a possible intelligence form. Since we do exist, for that reason we may assume that other types of living organisms may be present on another planet.

Sergeant Clifford Stone of the United States Army reveals that there are “57 alien species” ( The description of each of the fifty-seven aleins can be found on the following webpage: In this webpage each extraterrestrial type is identified and vaguely described. The site does not provide any in-depth information, documentations and pictures. Also the types of aliens seem to be familiar from different television programs and movies, such as Start Trek and Big Foot. The rose of interest in aliens made stories became more vivid. As a consequence known movies on the subject of the extraterrestrials are produced, such as: IT, Star Wars, X-files, Men in Black and 4th of July.

Sergeant Clifford Stone during his speech points out to recognize fifty-seven cases of aliens without providing any perceptible substantiation. At the moment the number fifty-seven is irrelevant. Critical is that until now not one occurrence is fully presented to us. Still some individuals like to believe, because the idea of someone powerful out there is sometimes liberating, fascinating and promising, as well petrifying and alarming.

According to Branton (1995), the interview with Sergeant Clifford Stone is been considered as sensational. Sensational, I believe, is also the narrative of Harry Potter. In addition, Branton (ibid.) refers to a two hour special national live television programme held in Washington on the subject of the aliens. Here two anonymous alien specialist talk about their work and experiences. Also they mention that the United States made several extraterrestrial discoveries and that an exchange programmes was made with the US and aliens. Moreover, Branton (ibid.) identifies that the station in Nevada (United States), identified as station 51, is in control of the extraterrestrials.

The knowledge is kept extremely classified. What is more Stone was familiar with the agreement that the United States made with the aliens. The agreement was to keep quiet about the alien presence in exchange of technology information. And in spite of everything the information seam to leak out mostly anonymously. The question is why some authority individuals have this urge to reveal classified information, seeing that they risks of losing their job, credibility, reputation or possibly even their life.

According to Branton (ibid.), Sergeant Clifford Stone wants the public to know. After serving a couple of decades in the army, Stone decides to break the silence.

Sergeant Stone states that he believes in a God, and that God made men and all intelligent creatures (Branton, ibid.). Provided this information I personally do not believe that Sergeant Stones is an exact scientist, in view of the fact that he contradicts Darwinism. But I believe his statement that some aliens are among us and have our similar appearance. Given that I experienced once an encounter a couple of years ago in the Netherlands, with an unidentified object. While walking home in the evening I suddenly saw a lightened ball floating a couple of feet in the air. The object was as big as volleyball. As soon as I came closer gazing upon the object, after a few seconds it diapered with an intense speed. A number of other out of the ordinary events occurred. Since having no the answers to different encountered phenomenon’s I tend to disregard them.


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