Alien Life are we alone

The eternal question of “Are we alone in the universe?” has been raised infinitely over the course of human existence. If you believe Sergeant Clifford Stone, we are very much not alone, in fact, we have plenty of extraterrestrial neighbors in the cosmos. As revealed in the Disclosure Project, Stone claims there are 57 alien life forms that have been catalogued by the U.S. military.

To consider the enormity of the issue is staggering, but is it legitimate? If one believes that our government and the governments of the world are all in on this secret together regarding alien life, then a number like 57 would seem logical. However, for the skeptics at large, how is one certain that this man is not just disgruntled and possibly disturbed enough to make such a grand statement. Space, as we know it, is infinite. Infinite allows for all possibilities, whether they are within the realm or not. Alien life would fall into this very category. But, 57 different types of “visitors” to our planet seems a bit far fetched in the grand scheme.

It is believed that our planet is the perfect setting for life. Notice, I did not say intelligent life, as many people refer to when referring to the search for another sign of life out there. However, who is to say that there are not duplicates of what is supposed to be our perfect blueprint for life? What determines life to be intelligent or otherwise less than adequate to our lofty standards? Better yet, how can we call ourselves, the human race, to be intelligent with our long and hostile history towards one another? Would a so-called intelligent life form be so bright to visit a people who in the course of events have enslaved each other, fought each other, obliterated each other with bigger and better methods of destruction, and will unfortunately continue to do so. When this theory is taken into account, if there is life out there, they would be wise enough to pass by this rest stop on the intergalactic highway.

The technology involved that is mentioned by Sgt. Stone is something straight out of a science fiction novel. Zero gravity, lightspeed transportation, warp speed. All concepts that are considered to be impossible even for the most intelligent of life. It is believed that if alien visitors were to visit Earth that travel at the speed of light or perhaps even faster would be the recommended mode of transportation. Albert Einstein rendered this theory of travelling at the speed of light to be rather impossible. Taking into account that the nearest start to Earth is a few light years away, any travel from beyond this point at a rate considerably slower than light speed would take decades if not centuries for any supposed craft to reach Earth. So if we are truly being visited, the little green men everyone claims to see are little, old, senile green men.

It is entirely possible that life exits beyond our planet, our solar system, and even our galaxy. However, it is doubtful that they are visiting us in such great numbers.